Old Man’s Pyjamas

Today it occurred to me that my son generally sleeps in a singlet. Perhaps he should have a button up pyjama shirt if he is having chest surgery. Off I went to a major shopping centre. I visited five different shops, but there were no button up pyjamas for boys to be found! Eventually I visited a chain store of men’s clothes. In the whole massive, overstocked shop they had just two pairs of small men’s button up pyjamas.


They are hideous, they look like old man’s pyjamas. I showed them to my son who said, “Well, at least they’re not pink.”

I bought them out of necessity. I don’t think that fashion will be a high priority for him for the next two weeks. I feel like crying over the pyjamas, everything is making me sad now…


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20 responses to “Old Man’s Pyjamas

  1. I like the spotty ones! Always like spots!

    If you would like – I would be happy to look for some down here and send them to you. Promise i wouldn’t choose pink!!

  2. At least your son didn’t screw his nose up at them altogether…

    I’m here in Cairns thinking of you and your family over the nect week or so. Fingers crossed and all. And here’s a hug for you (HUG)…

  3. twolimeleaves

    When it’s all over, you can have a jammie-burning ceremony. And because they are hideous, you won’t care as they go up in smoke.

    ps can I come and watch? not that I’m a pyromaniac or anything…

  4. Tracey

    I actually have no words – this must be one of the toughest times emotionally for you.

    Thinking of you all.

  5. I find it interesting that you managed to find them…



  6. Maybe you and he shold get out the fabric paints and have a good laugh “decorating” them. You could write notes to the doctors and nurses that will be caring for them. “why are you looking here?” “This side up”…….

  7. I hope they hide the matches at Kirsty’s house.

    I just love Pip’s attitude! At least they’re not pink. Brilliant. I have a feeling he is going to be carrying you during this as much as you will him. Thoughts for you. You, Pip, Pete and Ashy.

  8. Hugs & thoughts your way.

    Isn’t it ironic, life throws it’s worst at us in great clumps.
    One at a time would be plenty…

    I had to go & buy pj’s for Gom once, for a trip to hospital- I found them at Coles!

  9. I don’t blame you one bit for feeling low. Your daughter embarking on the next stage of life, massive deluges and spotty pajamas can’t be helping. I did like Vicki’s idea of getting out the fabric paint, though. I’d be drawing faces on the different spots.

    I will be thinking of you and your family. I wish there was a way one could fast forward past the hard parts and go directly to the “things getting steadily better” part. However, although what you’re going through is one of the hardest, most frightening things a parent can face, I feel 1000% certain that you’re doing the right thing. You have done a stellar job of pursuing this issue and securing medical care for your son. I’m also certain that your presence is going to be an immense comfort to your son, and that over the long term he is going to find his life changed for the better.

    Big hug: ((((( )))))

  10. Ronnie

    Tracey, i come via Mary’s blog. Ihope that everything goes well for your son. It must be very scary for you all. I will say a prayer for you all every night.


  11. Great attitude, that son of yours has! You all, too. And I echo Ronnie’s words – prayers for you every night.

  12. Hope you are feeling a big {{{{Hug}}}}, Tracy!

    I am really impressed with your son’s attitude and comment, “at least they aren’t pink”. What a trooper! The polka dots ones aren’t so bad if you overlook the collar. I’d be asking him if I could cut off the collar and just put a plain V to the neck. Also, the blue polka dot ones are light enough to be used for guest well-wishes, kinda like how we write on casts for souvenirs here.

    Before I leave, here’s another big {{{Hug}}}…

  13. h&b


    (P.S. – I don’t mind the dotty ones at all ! )

  14. Hello Tracey,

    I found your blog through bluemountainsmary.
    Although I am new here, I would like to wish you and your son all the best, good luck and a speedy recovery.


  15. Ok I’m blogging illegally at work so I can actually COMMENT!

    I don’t think the spotty pjs are too hideous …

    And I’ll be thinking of you and your family on Monday.

  16. I will be thinking of you all this weekend.

  17. I quite like the dotty ones too..:) But then, I’m not a teenage boy…

    “At least they’re not pink.” He’s quite a guy, that boy of yours – but I guess you know that already.

    Thinking of you.

  18. noisenoisenoise


    Just make sure they give the anti-nausea drugs with the Tramel/Morphine. Those drugs are far less fun if you are vomiting. And lets face it there has to be an upside with any hospital stay. They stick the drugs in a locked drawer usually in the bedside table. Get Pete to create a diversion and raid it for yourself. The whole yucky business will fly by for everyone concerned. Those PJ’s are hideous but remember he’ll be so high you could stick him in a satin ballgown and he wouldn’t care.

    I haven’t seen that boy since he was three or four but goodluck, be brave and remember to breathe!


  19. My feeling is he will look adorable and not in the least old-mannish in those dotty ones but I do see that the other pair are depressing. When fixit was in hospital he had so many wires and stuff attached that he ended up barechested anyway, so you could maybe invest in a funky pair of pj pants? There’s always hospital gowns for the upper body.

    This is a hideous time for you and all we can do is send our love. Which I do.

    And don’t beat yourself up for feeling teary, this is hard and crying will help you get through, let it all out (when pips’ not looking!).

  20. argh. bad apostrophe above. sorry!!! as if you weren’t feeling bad enough already.

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