A Civic Reception in a Rain Squall

We have had 300mm of rain in one night. A low pressure system crossed the coast above us causing wind squalls and heavy rain. Castle Hill is usually a barren rock in the middle of the city, but today it is shrouded in cloud and sprouting waterfalls where none previously existed.


On just the day to stay at home and sew, we had to go to a Civic Reception at the Mayoral Rooms for the Outbound Rotary Exchange students. There was some water lying on the road as we headed into town, but it wasn’t too bad. My daughter was interviewed by local radio, TV and newspaper, making her a multi-media star.


Look at that poise!

By the time we came home (an hour and a half later) small puddles had become wide lakes. I would have just stayed somewhere high and dry until it all dried up. My Pete, however, decided to be action man and  just drove right through. Can you even see where the road is and where the footpath dips away?


I’m in the passenger seat, almost wetting my pants everytime we hit a hole in the road…

We did make it home, but I had to go and lie down.


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15 responses to “A Civic Reception in a Rain Squall

  1. I hope that you have managed to dry out by now. Your city looks a wonderful place to live.

    She is looking great in that blazer – which says more about her than about the blazer!

  2. h&b

    Wow – lookit those photos !!

    I thought of you today – believe it or not, I cleaned out a drawer and found my old Rotary ‘business cards’ !!

    I was wondering if i’d missed a farewell announcement 🙂

  3. I agree with Alice. How on earth could she make a marsupial blazer look so nice? She is sooooooo going to fit in with those very fashionable french. I want her to give me lessons. I manage to make the fashionable stuff look frumpy!

  4. She even looks French. In real life I mean.

    That photo of Castle Hill is amazing. J would have driven through the lakes too. Ridiculous really!

  5. What a lovely view of your city! It’s in contrast to the wind advisory that is currently in effect in my region ~ we’re discouraged from highway travelling currently.

    Your daughter looks so poised during her interview. It will be a memorable moment for her! It’s amazing how much attention she’s getting in Australia for this exchange ~ I know others who have gone on the exchange from here but I don’t think they get the attention like your daughter is getting! What a great experience for her!

  6. The attention is just the benefit of living in a small city where very little of actual dramatic interest occurs.

  7. Oh she really wears that blazer well!! Tell her she could leave it under the seat of the plane -you never get anything back that is left under plane seats – kids shoes especially!

    News reports down here have me ringing Tanya to see if she hasn’t washed away.

  8. You must be so very proud of her!

  9. I agree that she wears the blazer well! But I disagree with Shelly, if she left it under the plane seat, guaranteed she will get it back, you only lose the things you WANT back!

    I was wondering how you were going, saw the raindrops on the telly and thought you were probably getting your tail wet…

  10. Bless her heart, look at her working that jacket. I would have been tempted to wear some cream shirt and pants and a baggy green cap, trying to achieve cricket chic, but she chose quiet elegance. She will do so well in France.

    And I would have been terrified on those roads too! Excellent photos though.

  11. You made me cry with the tale of your son’s upcoming surgery. It would be so nice if we could shoulder life’s nastiness for them, but I guess all these experiences build their character and make them even more lovable to their mothers……Smile when you wave goodbye to your daughter. She is off to a wonderful, mind-expanding adventure!

  12. I agree wtih all the comments above – your daughter can ‘do’ a bad jacket and make it look fab! She is going to do do so well in France, but you already know that…

    As for all that rain, 300mm overnight is amazing. We had 300mm in 2 days and I thought that was a lot. And Castle Hill sprang a few waterfalls? Man, betcha never thought you’d see the day when that would happen.. Great piccie. Do you ever follow the weather-watch radar on the net? I’m glued to it when it rains. (BTW, are your supermarket shelves looking not-so-full now too? – Bloody Bruce Hwy!)

  13. I am ALWAYS looking at the weather – it is my not so secret obsession. Our radar is on top of Mt Stuart and was struck bu lightning during the storm. We haven’t been able to see it since…

  14. My dh is obsessed with the weather too. He virtually has the Weather hotline on speed dial and listens to it frequently during the day. I’m the kind who only needs to know the temp in the morning and the daily forecast unless I am travelling and then I want something more current. I find weather forecasts usually poor anyway!

  15. She looks a picture, as they used to say!
    This country is a weird land. One day roasting in drought, next flooded with rain.

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