Quelle Surprise

The invitations were issued:


Red, white and blue abounded:


The friends and family patiently waited:


The guest of honour had not a clue:


Speeches were made, toasts were drunk, a quilt was signed:


There are still six days until she leaves. We surrounded her with love last night, she’ll carry us with her to Europe. You can’t outgrow something sewn under your skin.


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13 responses to “Quelle Surprise

  1. What a lucky girl to have such a great send-off! A fun idea filled with lots of memories for everyone. Your family needed some light-hearted relief and I am delighted that it all came together for you! The signed quilt will be a great momento for her ~ hope she has room for it in her luggage?! If not, you can mail it to her…

  2. That looks like a warm, happy party.

    I envy you your house. The architecture looks wonderful, a place of space and light.

  3. Viva la France! Er…. Viva la Ashy?

    How like her to show up for a surprise party looking tres chic. I would have been wearing something stained with make-up long past its prime and hair beyond frizzy.

    LOVE the quilt!

    Six days. I hope you make the most of them.

  4. What a lovely girl! I can quite see how you’re going to miss her. Ohhh, children ought not to go anywhere! and yet of course they must.

    How exciting to meet Aunty Evil! Of course, in my mind she has a Scottish accent. Am I right…?

    I’m so sorry about your boy. How good that you found a surgeon you can trust, but oh dear, you’ll worry so much about him and suffer for him.

  5. What a great party! And I agree with Melinda…at that age, I’d have been likely to turn up in bathers and thongs with towel wrapped around me, mascara (if I was wearing any) running across my cheeks and hair chlorinated and messy – NOT in a stylish blue and white dress, hair elegantly swept back into a ponytail. She’ll do well in France.

  6. I know, I have to join the dress-admirers here too, I love that frock.

    Was she surprised?

    Beautiful idea to sign the quilt, shame you can’t sew it into a winter coat to take with her….

  7. Oh fantastic – I am so glad it all went well ..

    What an extraordinary couple of weeks you are in for…..I will be thinking of you..

  8. That song has me crying Tracey. Lovely. Just lovely. Asheligh will do so well away and is an exciting time for her. How lucky are you to have internet and text messaging?? She’ll have a great time…

    Love the party idea, especailly since she had ‘no’ idea. Brilliant. The invites look wonderful too…

  9. Jennifer C

    And what a lovely party it was. I hope she will put her ESSENTIAL PHRASE book to good use. Thanks for having us join in on such a lovely send off.

  10. What a lovely idea! She is so beautiful, & I am sure she will be safe & have a great time.
    I wish her well for the adventure of a lifetime.

  11. What a wonderful party! She will remember it all year and before you know it you will be organising the welcome home event.

  12. h&b

    Wow ! – who did those invites !??!
    They are * quelle fantastique ! *

    And you have a lovely home and a lovely family to boot.
    Lucky Ash.


  13. Fitzy

    Found your blog thru Tanya’s, glad to meet you.

    I managed a 6-county area for Youth For Understanding a few years ago. I’m proud to see your daughter partaking of the experience. If you have any questions (or need any opinions, lol), please email me.

    You had a lovely send-off party, and the quilt was a fantastic idea.

    I’ll be back!

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