I’m Back

Hello! We’re home. I love my house. It smells just right, it sounds just right (until Sussanah and her kids get here), it is JUST right!

I have a lot to say on several topics about our few days away. I don’t really like long posts. I get distracted from them easily. SO…I will be posting a few shorter posts, each devoted to its own topic over the next couple of hours. Sorry if it clogs up your bloglines, but it is better than a super long post which makes you bored half way through.


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8 responses to “I’m Back

  1. Glad you are back safely!

    Don’t be too prolific with your posts, I am off on a holiday myself tonight, and will have too much to catch up on when I get back!

  2. twolimeleaves

    Welcome home. We collected your mail and Peter only steamed a few open. (Who is Luscious Lips Leroy and why is he asking about your waxing bill?)

  3. Welcome back. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts…

  4. Welcome home. I have been sitting on the doormat waiting for you to turn up. Don’t you worry about those Bloglines people – you write as much as you like.

  5. Glad you’re home safely. I hope all went well.

  6. hehehehehe it’s actually Sussanah, wrecking Pete’s peace with the kids he never wanted

  7. Don’t you just love that feeling of walking back into your own home after a time away?

    (Mind you, it only lasts me a few minutes and then I’m ready to up and off again!)

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