Blogmeets (part 2)

While we were in Sydney some very brave bloggers elected to meet with me. There are lots of rumours going around that all bloggers are either hairy men or axe-wielding nutters. I can vouch for Blue Mountains Mary and Aunty Evil though.

We met with Mary and her son for Yum Cha lunch in Chinatown. We would never have even found this place without Mary’s local knowledge. Afterwards we went to the Powerhouse Museum. Mary’s son took a shine to my son and led him around the highlights of the museum while Mary and I marvelled at the Princess Diana exhibit. Mary generously gave my daughter a bag of scarves to take to France.


Aunty Evil was extrodinarily generous and picked us up from the hospital and drove us to a shopping centre. I live in a place where everything is fifteen minutes away. Aunty Evil drove for one hour to get us and one hour home again. That is an outstanding effort! We ate lunch and laughed together.


The funny thing about meeting with blogger is that, without realising it, you attribite a voice to them. When you actually hear them speak it is a little bit freaky. It takes a moment to attach that voice to the personality that you know. On both days I felt like I was just picking up with a conversation that had already begun. It certainly didn’t feel like a first meeting. I knew things about them and they knew things about me which were meant that a lot of that getting to know you stuff was done. We were able to fill in some gaps about each other and create a context for each other.

I am amazed how far they went out of their way for us. I am humbled by their generosity and their kindness.

My Pete said to me afterwards, “You know, it seems that bloggers are really just normal people.”

That is a noble attainment – congratulations, you are normal.


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13 responses to “Blogmeets (part 2)

  1. I know you told me about the boy’s surgery but oh boy! I am so wishing I was going to be in Sydney when it all happens.

    We will be in touch via here and email anyway but you know I will be thinking of you all.

    You are clever with your shoe shots!

    You were all normal too ( I can see that is the highest form of praise!)

  2. twolimeleaves

    I wouldn’t go throwing that”normal” phrase around too willy-nilly if I were you. I know some of you in Real Life, remember?

  3. Normal? Normal?

    I don’t think so.

    Articulate. Witty. Creative. Compassionate. Sharing. Funny. Opininated. Pondering. Stylish. Literate. Caring.

    And so on.

    But never normal.


  4. Your Pete comes out with some great lines doesn’t he?

    How great you got to meet a couple of bloggers. I look forward to doing that in the future, meeting some blog mates. Afterall, that is what we all are, aren’t we? Mates?

    I’ve met a couple of penpals before (way before blogging came into our world). In fact I encouraged Rach, my penpal, to begin a blog which she did. Easier than putting pen to paper…

  5. You must be an aural person, I can’t say that I imagine a voice but I do quite often visualise a face!

    Well I have already mentioned about how jealous I am that you 3 have met on the other girls’ blogs but I may as well do it here too…

    Remind me to wear pretty shoes if I ever meet you!

  6. Is it a prerequisite that all Australian woman wear brown toned shoes on outings? Perhaps it is a particular day thing to wear brown shoes? I also see everyone wore jeans ~ isn’t it steaming hot there?

    Oh, these cultural differences can be so hard to decipher and comprehend! (LOL!)

  7. So much fun for you to meet with fellow bloggers!
    Love the shoe shots.
    I am sending good brave thoughts for your son and for your family too. Amazing what doctors can do these days!

  8. Yes, being a caring Mum is hard. He sounds an amazing lad from what I’ve read so think he will be brave – but will need your loving support. I hope it all goes smoothly and has the desired outcome.

    Thinking of you ALL, and wishing you ongoing joy and accomplishment for 2008.

    Cute shoes!

  9. Meetings In Real Life! Lucky you-all.
    My heart goes out to you Tracey. Your son is lucky to have you for his mother. I know that feeling of wishing we could bear the pain & suffering of our children.
    I never understood when my mother said that to me, but once I became a mother I understood too well.


    I am in Wollongong which is 1 hour south of Sydney. Would love to catch up with any Sydney Bloggers (although I am a bad blogger).

    Such great taste in shoes as well….


  11. h&b

    Bloggers are lovely.

    Just don’t tell my mother !


  12. Well shucks, thanks for the kind words! Then you went and ruined it all by calling me normal!!

    I’m happy with the shoe shot. Could have done with some prior notice so I could have painted my nails or something, but there you go. I put my attention into everything but my toenails, wouldn’t you know it!

    It was lovely meeting you too, and I hope all goes well with Ashleigh leaving and the operation. Let me know if you need anything while you are here!! (I mean it)

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