A Few Days Away

Tomorrow we are jetting off to Sydney for the week. Initially this trip was for a medical purpose, but as we are down to our last two weeks together for quite a while, the decision was made that we should all go. Kind of a last family outing for a long time.

We have an appointment with a well respected thoracic surgeon for my son. If all goes well this doctor should perform his surgery later in the year. We’ll know more about this after our visit. I must admit that my thoughts have been distracted from this worry for the past month or so. It is well and truly on my mind now.

We hope to hit some outlet stores and perhaps buy some warm clothing for my daughter. Her baggage is limited to twenty kilograms – not much when she is gone for twelve months! (she is a HUGE reader and cannot take any books with her, the thought of not finding enough reading material in English is horrifying her) We don’t think that we will send much with her at all. She can make do with what she takes or beg, borrow and purchase what else she needs. My sister backpacked for six months on two pairs of jeans, although for my daughter to do something like that would be miraculous!

Even though I will most likely be off-line for the week, you may just find news of me here or here, as I have arranged to meet up with some bloggers as we complete our whirlwind tour of the sights of Sydney. Now we are going to pack – as soon as my Pete fixes the handle on our suitcase…



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13 responses to “A Few Days Away

  1. See you very soon Tracey!

    Did your girl find a coat? Because I have a chocolate brown quilted one she could borrow. Very squishy. Relatively glamourous. WARM.

    Happy for her to have it…

  2. 10 kilos that is what imogen weighs, so she could take her and still fit in 10 kilos of clothes!

  3. She may not get past security, though.

  4. OOOh, I am gonna be working my bum off (ha, I wish!) on Monday and Tuesday trying to free myself up for Wednesday. I’m dying to compare my chins with yours!

  5. Have a lovely trip and please tell Aunty and Mary to report fully, at length and with photos.

    And I hope the surgeon has people skills to go with his surgical skills.

  6. Have a great, great time. Full trip report eagerly anticipated.

  7. Wow – you’ve met Kirsty. And you’re going to meet Aunty Evil and also (was it?) Bluemountainsmary, whose blog I’ve just peeped at just now and – darn it – it looks really good. Wail! Why do I keep finding good blogs to read? I have no time to read any more! But I probably will all the same.

    I hope the thoracic surgeon visit goes well. Aren’t our children (I mean everyone’s, not just yours and mine…) such joy but such a worry?

  8. Have a great week away Tracey.

    20 kilos isn’t much is it? Especially when the average suitcase weights in at 5 kilos! At least when we go there are 3 of us so we’ve got 60 kilos allowance. Phew.

    And remember hand luggage too – an extra 5 kilos (or is it 7) there.

  9. Your daughter will find lots of reading materials in France! Not to worry about that! Try the library first for English-language books, there are likely specialty English bookstores in France too ~ worse case scenario, she can order online and have them delivered. (Isn’t the point of her travels to immerse in French ~ try reading French novels instead ~ they likely have translations of her favorite author! LOL! I’ve read one book by Amélie Nothomb ~ a Belgian writer ~ and quite enjoyed it too!)

    As best you can, enjoy your trip to Sydney. I’ll be going thru Tracey withdrawal but will link onto the other blogs to catch glimpses of you! Bon voyage a tous!

  10. I know you will enjoy your meetings with lovely bloggerati!

    I too hope the Surgical skills are matched with social skills.

    I also fervantly hope the humidity is less than current- though I suppose you are used to it.

    Good luck with it all.

  11. Have a fabulous time in Sin City! Hope the visit to the surgeon goes well.

    I always think travels are so much easier with the lightest possible luggage – if it wasn’t for the kids, I’d be able to travel with a little roll-on suitcase for myself. I’m not sure I’d be able to make it last a year though!

  12. I hope everything goes well for Pip. Fingers crossed. I think Ashleigh will find plenty of English to read…. or will advance her French very quickly.

    Watch out for Aunty! She could have an evil influence on you. And please let us know if she is a big hairy man instead of the sweet girl we think she is.

  13. Enjoy Sydney together as a family.

    Good luck with the medical appointment.

    Tell you daughter the Sussans rule when travelling for a long time……..This goes with this goes with this goes with that…

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