Business Women’s Lunch

Yesterday I went to lunch with the very talented Kirsty.

Would you believe that we met through our blogs? I saw that she came to Townsville occasionally and made a leap of faith in asking to her catch up for a morning tea. Sussanah was convinced that she wouldn’t be a quilter at all when I met her, let alone a lady. Sussanah told me that only hairy men posing as quilters wanted to meet up over the internet for morning tea. Kirsty, however, is a girl and a quilter and  just my sort of person. We found plenty of common ground for discussion and have continued to meet regularly ever since. (Sussanah is now a blogger, so has become a hairy man)

Kirsty and I have formed a little club – a business women’s club. We both have ambitions in the quilting field, we both have ideas and aspirations. It is difficult for each of us to achieve these ideals alone. Firstly, there is motivation – it is so easy to procrastinate when you have only to answer to yourself. Secondly, there is self promotion – let’s face it, we won’t get any where unless we talk ourselves up. This is not easy for Australian women. It is, culturally, not accepted or appreciated to appear to promote yourself.  We do not, as a society, really like those who are up themselves and sit back in quiet anticipation of their fall from grace. (case in point – Lleyton Hewitt (not a girl, I know), Dannii Minogue – I could go on)

Basically Kirsty and I are sounding boards for each other’s ideas. We offer an ear and occasional advice. We are willing to talk the other up to the right people. (much easier than promoting yourself!)

So… our lunch


grilled chicken, mango and avocado

We wrote three goals into our matching diaries. We will meet again next month to review (and eat more food).

At the end of lunch Kirsty presented me with two inspirational magnets


Watch out for us…. We’re sure to go far!


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15 responses to “Business Women’s Lunch

  1. So hairy old man that I am – I love reading about catchups like this – and Kirsty sounds as though she is a kindred spirit.

  2. What bothers me most about this post is how you skimmed over the scarily real perception that Sussannah has about me.

    Yes, it is about me.

    I am big. And hairy. And I don’t quilt. But I don’t think I am a bloke. Hang on while I check. Nope.


    Is meeting you out of the question now? Care to try for 2 out of 2? You got lucky with Kirsty. Are you feeling lucky…?

  3. GOOD ON YERS BOTH! (See, I’m adapting to being a Queenslander, I am.) Both you and Mrs D have so much to offer – get out there and show ’em!

  4. I would say you and Kirsty combined would most definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

  5. soozadoo

    I think I actually said they are probably a huge hairy transexual leather clad trucker.

    Sorry Kirsty and by sorry you know I actually mean hehehehehehehehe.

  6. This hairy old non-quilting bloke loves to read about these kinds of meetings too.

    In fact, forget about those high-falutin’ Tel$tra business women’s award nights, I’d like to see an awards night for business women just like you and Kirsty.

  7. I have to interrupt to tell you that someone found this post by searching for Dannii Minogue. It has made my day!!!!

  8. twolimeleaves

    I will only accept your apology, Soozadoo, tonight when you’re wearing your leather chaps and dog collar. I’ll bring my whip and gimp.

  9. twolimeleaves

    And, Aunty E? You and I aren’t big and hairy, darling – we’re “fluffy”.

  10. riseoutofme

    The game is up then?

    Nice to have a kindred spirit to encourage and propel! Good luck!

  11. Well, having read the commentary already, I will forego searching for Dannii Minogue, a person I’ve never heard of and suspect may be related to Kylie Minogue but I’ll stay away from that too.

    What I can’t get over is the meal. I am hoping that photo displaying the plate, the chicken, mango and avocado shows the remnants of the meal. Hey, I’m N. American ~ if that is the standard sized fare in Aussi-land, let me know now, because you definately need to order appetizers, two other courses plus a dessert if you are really hungry. Man, I’d starve in Australia!

  12. Yes I had already eaten one of the pieces of chicken. The other is still there. It was a ridiculously LARGE plate, now that you mention it, but oh so artily arranged.

  13. Oww your lunch was right up my alley (so to speak!) If I saw this on a menu I would have definitely ordered. Without a doubt.

    Hey, talk yourselves up. Go for it I say.

  14. Kirsty, speak for your bloody self, I am big and hairy!

  15. I really am just a a harmless old granny!

    But I would have loved your lunch!

    You two should talk yourselves up- big time!!

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