Last week at a 6:30am meeting, my daughter was officially presented with her blazer to wear while on exchange. She apparently made a speech of thanks. I’m impressed that she was coherent enough to put words together – generally before 9am we find that grunting is her preferred communication.

SO, in January she will fly into what is arguably one of the most fashionable cities in the world wearing


a dark green polyester gabardine jacket with an orange emboidered kangaroo. To complete the ensemble is a mismatched blue and red scarf covered with grey emus, kangaroos, echidnas and kookaburras.

I hope she doesn’t get too close to an open flame…

PS Don’t even ask me how the foot is! In the ongoing saga that is my life we are trying to find an orthopedic surgeon to find out if a bone chip needs to be removed. Apparently surgeons like to go on holidays too. “This is a bad time to get an appointment.” Sorry – he should have kicked a girl months ago, then we’d all have a merry Christmas!


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20 responses to “Fashion

  1. Very impressive indeed. And I’m right with you on the impossibility of getting an appointment for anything vaguely medical at this time of year.

  2. Please extend my deepest sympathies to your daughter having to wear that outfit publicly, no less to France as an “alien” for exchange purposes. I understand the concern about flamable materials; just remind her that once she gets to her first destination and is no longer under observation, bury the jacket/scarf ASAP deep in her suitcase, not to see the light of day until she has to wear it again.

  3. I apologize for laughing out loud! So,the good news. Your daughter will find some way to avoid wearing that jacket and maybe she can transform the scarf into a sexy and revealing blouse. Or, she will wear the jacket and you will not have to worry about her eloping with a mad French boy. About your son. Well, it’s time he learned that girls rule the world and kicking one can ruin your fun for a long time.

  4. Choice! Well done to Ash for grace under difficult circumstances. She must be very well brought up.

  5. twolimeleaves

    OH MY GOODNESS. Are they MAD??? No French boy worth his garlic will go anywhere near the poor girl dressed in that! Contraception comes in a new flavour – Marsupial.

  6. The four ‘Ds’ are banned while on exchange – drinking, driving, drugs and dating. The jacket will take care of the last one.

  7. h&b

    Did she also get a yellow plastic badge in the shape of Australia with her name printed upon it ?

    Looks the same as my 80’s jacket, although mine’s covered in all those badges Exchange Students swap and collect, and they also used to be in an yukky shade of blue.

    I think THEY called it “Royal Blue”, but it wasn’t.

    The green doesn’t look like much of an improvement…

  8. h&b

    oh – BTW, the only thing I didn’t do was the drugs.

    Hope that puts your mind at ease :p

    and a big hello to Lars, Laurent, Mike, and especially Danny, who I lusted after all year, while dating the others.

    Gimme a break, i’d never had a boyfriend before and I was 18yrs old.

    I wonder what Laurent is up to these days ?……………

  9. H&B, you just went waaaay up on my coolness meter.

  10. That is quite the colour combination. Who comes up with these ensembles??

    Sorry to read about the broken foot – and the neverending dramas of doctors visits. Maybe he was just getting all the injuries bagged in one year so that 2008 will be full of all health problems being mended and none incurred. Or something.

    I know it’s no consolation and has nothing to do with anything, but Canberra is bloody freezing!!!

  11. Oh mon dear dieu in heaven. C’est terrible. Elle est so jolie thought that hopefully the horeur of that outfit will disappear.

    Surgeons. Arse . Twice.

  12. though. not thought. though.

    it is still tres terrible.

  13. Everyone seems to forget what a bloody stunner that girl is. She will look gorgeous, even if the jacket is vulgar. The boys won’t be able to help it, they won’t be able to tear their eyes away from her beautiful face.

  14. I agree with Aunty. She’ll have all the French girls trying to find garbadine blazers with marsupials on them. And all the french hottie boys will be putty in her hands. Rules are made to be broken after all.

  15. Your daughter would look good with a garbage bag on. I agree with Aunty and Melinda.

  16. soozadoo

    I’m disappointed.

    Your photo is too artsy and stylish, It doesn’t really show the vicose rayon acetate polyester glory of the green and gold number or the 1988 Commonwealth Games glory of the highly flammable marsupial scarf. I think you need to post a new photo in the bright sunlight.

  17. I’m impressed – matching kangaroos – what more could any teenager want?

  18. I agree with Aunty. Your daughter would look good dressed in a sugar bag!

    But, really.. that outfit is cringeworthy!

  19. Everywhere I go in the blogosphere it sounds like people need to be done with 2007. onward to better vibes all around in the new year!

  20. Giggle! The ensemble is, er, very stylish.

    I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas, and that your son’s orthopedic issue works out soon.

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