I realise that in my last post I made a promise to let you know on Saturday if you were to receive one of the Christmas postcards. What can I tell you…I’m fickle! I just changed my mind – not with great intent, I had a busy weekend.

I went to the my work Christmas party. After reading the thoughts of Sussanah about work Christmas parties I wonder why I went. It was not cheap, the food was dodgy…DODGY!, the venue was noisy and echo-y. We left fairly early, wishing that we had spent that amount of money on a cosy dinner for two. My Pete’s work party is this weekend. It is a barbeque, beer and bowling party. Lawn bowls, not indoor. I may just sit in the stands and sledge the attempts of others whilst sipping on diet coke.

I went to a baptism. The giraffe quilt was a well-received gift for a much loved little boy.


I notice that on other blogs people use a random number generator program to select the winners of give aways. In this spirit I wrote the numbers 1- 16 on a piece of paper (leaving out the numbers of my own comments and those people who made more than one comment) and asked my random son to circle three of the numbers. SO…. Aunty Evil, Maureen and Mary I will be posting one Christmas postcard to each of you this week.

Maybe…if I don’t change my mind….I’m fickle like that.


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18 responses to “Fickle

  1. It’s wonderful, and very much in keeping with your style. The recipients are very fortunate.

  2. Darn it! 😛

    That quilt is gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want one of those for their child? Great job indeed. And oh-so cute!

  3. h&b

    That will be the higlight baptismal gift, mark my words.
    No tiny silver thing for storing locks of hair can compete.


    And I like fickle .. makes me feel better about my own fickle self :p ..

  4. IS the Mary me? Excuse me if I sound disbelieving but I remember once when Neggie posted a song for Mary and I thought it was for me and thanked her and I am still embarrassed because it was actually for her mum.


    Very exciting if it is me – and lucky other Mary if it isn’t.

    Lovely quilt. Bah humbug to dreary work christmas parties.

  5. Poor Neggie. That should be Meggie. I like Neggie though – she sounds cool…

  6. Yes, you are the Nary of whom I speak.

  7. Yahoo! I’m sure you are meaning me! (Unlike Meggie & Mary, I have not been confused about having a song posted for me ~ except, of course, when, as a preschooler, I was of the firm belief that “Yellow Submarine” was written for me! Hey! I was desparate; I don’t believe a song has been written about a Maureen since the 1960s! K and N will be excited to see a package from Australia! I’ll have to get out our globe-ball! I’ll send my address soon!

    Last but not least, lovely giraffe quilt that you made. I really have to learn how to do applique. I have a couple patterns for K and N but neither the time nor the sweaters to do it. (I’ve been looking periodically for sweaters but not diligently. I should get to that before they outgrow caterpillar appliques!)

  8. You just didn’t want to pay shipping to the U.S. did you?

    Please…. will you put a dead spider in Aunty’s box? Or at least a picture of one? It would be so funny! At least I think it would be. I’m not sure she’d be amused at all.

  9. Shut up Melinda…

    There’s only ONE Aunty Evil, so I KNOW it’s me! (see what having a unique name can bring you?)

    Ner ner to all those who didn’t win. I suppose I should be a gracious winner, but I’m not.

    High five to my fellow winners. We are spesh, aren’t we? 🙂

  10. Congrats to the lucky winners! Assuming you will not be fickle!
    Lovely Giraffe quilt, lucky child!

  11. That quilt is adorable. I just love Mister giraffe’s face! And you should have a go at lawn bowls, apparently it is fun (which you would never think if you watched it on telly).

    Maureen, I love your *special* song. I don’t think I will ever hear it the same way again!

    Well done to the winners, I can be gracious because I have my very special quilt prize from Tracey already. Watch and learn, Aunty, watch and learn….

  12. That giraffe quilt is fantastic – what a great baptism gift. It will be an heirloom!

    Congrats to the winners!

    My brother and sister-in-law’s wedding was at a bowls club with bowling after the ceremony. It was actually a lot of fun. Although sledging from the stands does have its appeal too!

  13. The giraffe quilt is brilliant!

  14. PP you do make me laugh


  15. riseoutofme

    Lovely quilt!

    Think you’ll have to send one to Neggie as well, though!

  16. ChrisCP

    The giraffe quilt was a gift for our son Oliver, and we could not have been more thrilled to receive such a generous gift. Colleen & I can only imagine the time, thought and creative energy that goes into creating a masterpiece, and I agree, an heirloom like this. It occupies pride of place on the end of Ollie’s cot, and completes pefectly a decor chock full of jungle friends. He will love it forever I have no doubt! Thank-you Tracey for such a wonderful gift.

  17. H what a wonderfull giraffe, that reminds me that when I was a little girl , the wallpaper in my bedrooms was covered with the “giraffe’ that much I loved that sweet animal… Nic bog you have.

    Come and look at my blog and see my alternative christmas decoration. Have a great weekend!

    JoAnn greetings,

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