Reality check

I am in denial about Christmas. If it never comes, then December won’t end. If December never ends, it will never be January. If it will never be January, my daughter will stay within hugging distance of her mother.

Reality says:



Christmas will not be denied.

When  I was rattling around in a drawer I found these:


I made them a few years ago and obviously put them in away for safekeeping (then forgot about them, I find that to be the safest of safekeeping). If you would like one you need only to leave me a comment here. On Saturday I’ll randomly select and email three of you for your addresses and post them out to you.

Ho, ho, ho…


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17 responses to “Reality check

  1. Umm, what are they? I might not want one, although they look nice enough. For all I know, they could be spider housing. And if they are free, I will have them anyway, cos I love free stuff.

    Yeah, ok, put me in the draw.

    No, not the drawER

    The draw.


  2. PS. Now that I have made my mind up to be in the draw, I really REALLY want to win!!

    I’m like that.

  3. They are just beautiful things!!

    Christmas postcards, actually. Like a mini-quilt. (MINI-quilt)

  4. DO spiders generally live in silver glittery homes decorated with christmas stockings? Very strange, Aunty.

  5. Can you whack a spider and put his remains on Aunty’s before you post it to her? That would be funny.

  6. But we know you don’t really want her to not go, and deprive her of the mind-expanding, awesome experience it promises to be! Joyeux Noel!

  7. Enough with the potty-mouthed ho,ho,ho-ing…! (I so wish that story had never hit the media, as I can’t hear/read those three syllables now without thinking about it.)

    I quite like rattling around in drawers, you just never know what you’re going to find put away for safe-keeping.

  8. She will still keep you close, Tracey, in her heart!

    Very Nice Things you have there!!
    I love the Santa.

  9. Oh yes, Christmas and January will come. Just think about how much fun it wil be to hear from her and to hear all about her new adventures!

  10. Oh, goodness. I’d forgotten that you have your daughter’s transition out of the nest coming up. Yep, that has to be bittersweet: we want them to be happy and healthy, to go out into the world and have satisfying lives. But gosh, does it have to happen so quickly? It’s only been a couple of decades since she was born!

    Your Christmas quilties are pretty. Is there a story behind them?

    You should probably leave me out of the drawing. Posting something from AU to the US is a little dear.

  11. I’m in denial about Christmas because I AM NOT READY. And my blind panic about this means that January is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages away, so you can borrow my technique if that helps.

  12. You weren’t clear on the rules! Rules are always important! (The lawyer in me always manages to come out!) Does Aunty’s comments count as one or two? Does your response count as one?!

    Seriously, very cute stocking mini-quilts. You need to tell the story behind it and why you put them away for safekeeping & are now giving them away.

    I completely understand your hesitation about X’mas. I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when I get to that stage too…

  13. Not a very exciting story. I made a stack of them for work colleagues one year and obviously made too many. I can’t recycle them because I still work with some of the same people.

    No, Aunty does not get two entires. If I allowed that she would make 500 comments.

    I’ll post them any where in the world where it is Christmas.

  14. I imagine you are feeling quite queasy about sending her off and excited for her at the same time.

    You are planning a visit rhough aren’t you?

    Can you tell me a bit more about that santa and how it was made? I love it too.

  15. Also, we won’t have to move house. (If Christmas never comes that is, it is still weeks and weeks away right?)

  16. I’m not too late am I? I’ve been busy and I’m catching up on my blog friends!!

    I hate to tell you but Christmas is not long away and therefore neither is January. It will be hard to see your daughter off but before you know it she’ll be back with many stories to tell…

  17. Did I win? Did I? Huh? Huh?

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