Fall in Love

I saw Jerry Seinfeld on Enough Rope last week. I always enjoyed Seinfeld (the show) and I found him to be a really fascinating interviewee. One of the philosophies that he holds dear in his life is to fall in love every day. Not the romantic sort of love, but love that makes you stop and appreciate that moment each day when something is fabulous, no matter how unremarkable it may be. This is a feeling that I enjoy when I get to the end of the quilt without the bobbin running out. It won’t impact the nation, but for that second it feels like everything is right with the world.

These are the reasons that I fell in love today.

  1. I shopped for dinner, refueled the car and picked up my son in just forty minutes.
  2. I went to the osteopath and she massaged away the knots in my back and shoulders.
  3. A thoracic surgeon with amazing credentials in Sydney has agreed to see my son in January. 
  4. My son wore deodorant without prompting. (if you collected a 13 year old boy on a hot day and brought him home in a closed car and you would know this is joyous)
  5. I saw a portly woman smoking right beside a sign which said, “Welcome to Settler’s Alternative Medicine Centre.” Oh the irony!
  6. My son asked me a question from his year eight maths exam and I got the answer correct, in my head! (If you wonder what it is – A pole is three times the size of a tree. The difference between the two is 15 metres. How tall is the tree?)
  7. I cut out this giraffe and plan to spend this evening quilting it.


   8.  We heard this song in the car by a British band with an Australian name and turned it right up and sang along loudly.

I hope that you fell in love today too.


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14 responses to “Fall in Love

  1. The day has only just started and I get an email from Tracey that makes me laugh…that is a good beginning.
    I am going to be looking out for lots of other reasons to fall in love in little ways.

  2. We’re only just getting started too. I don’t think my dentist would be very impressed if I started saying something like that to him!

  3. Still trying to work that math problem in my head…. think I’m going to need paper and pencil though.

    The falling in love concept is cool…. and so necessary if you want to maintain perspective!

  4. What a great post! There’s a few authors who encourage people to identify 5 things to be grateful about daily as a means of encouraging positive thinking. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. I just finished sewing the binding on my 2nd lapquilt and the bobbin didn’t run out. Relief! Now just to handstitch it on the opposite side and then I’ll post it! Yahoo!

  6. I saw that interview, and was also struck by that falling in love part.

    Cute giraffe.

  7. I MUST keep this in mind at the moment.

    And I fell in love with that song by The Wombats – thanks for sharing!

  8. I’ve always thought of it as counting my blessings, what a nana I sound now! I wish I hadn’t missed that interview.

  9. I’m in love today with the computers at the library and having a chance to get over here and use them! Love your giraffe…

  10. I am in love with that Giraffe!

  11. I saw the interveiw too – love Jerry!!!

    It is 9.15am…..I have got a few more hours to fall in love. I iwll let you know.

    Love your giraffe too.

  12. Great stuff, the idea of falling in love with each day. Much healthier than, say, “killing time”. Now there’s a positive, life-affirming phrase!

    Your giraffe made me smile, even in its blind, speechless state.

  13. h&b

    I love that giraffe – it reminds me of the one on my son’s/new baby’s quilt !

  14. Nice post. I’m glad a surgeon has agreed to see your son. That is the best news for you yes?

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