Tropical Summer

It seems that after a few dry years we are finally having a tropical summer. In the late afternoon the dark clouds roll in.


Thunder rolls in the distance and big, fat raindrops fall.

All this moisture on the ground ensures that the humidity levels through the day never go below wiltingly high. The moist grounds have also provided a fertile patch for my very own mushroom crop, right under the clothes line.


Like this it looks amazing, but get up close and in macro and it looks beyond belief. A landscape of a different world.




I know that Aunty Evil rather likes a fungus in macro. These photos are for her.


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16 responses to “Tropical Summer

  1. All I can think is – yum! Though wonder if making a meal of them would prove to be the last meal…

  2. We are having similar weather down here – though I wish it would let up for just one day while I hold an afternoon bbq tomorrow for eight adults and seven kids – I want the kids let loose on the swimming pool not cooped up inside! So self-centered I am!

  3. Great Photos – Aunty will be pleased.

    Even in the mountains it is feeling vaguely tropical – afternoon thunderstorms every day – the first blackout was romantic – today’s was a little more irritating!

  4. We’re getting the storm clouds and the sweat and the heat but no actual rain. Still it’s good for Cherub’s curls. Not to mention mine.

    Those pictures should be the front cover of a kids’ book called The Magic Town of Toadstool.

  5. How interesting! Are the mushrooms edible? (ie: do Plan A or Plan B use them for cooking? LOL! My dh chuckles about Plan A & Plan B regularly).

    What a contrast between our seasons! As the days lengthen (until winter solstice on Dec 21), we will see a sunrise maybe around 8:30 a.m. and the sun sets around 5:30 p.m.. The further north you go, the longer the darkness. Up in the far north (ie: Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories), I understand that darkness is for most of the 24 hours per day with very little sunlight so it is more common now to obtain sun-lamps to gain a little bit of light, even for psychological purposes. I have never been in the far north and would never contemplate going there in winter because I crave sunlight too much!

    We will wait for Plan A to move out before we venture for a tropical vacation chez vous. With 2 sets of little feet underfoot, you’ll never notice the nest is emptying! Thanks for the offer! LOL! (Just teasing ~ no need to get Petey to start the renos in preparation for our arrival…)

  6. Those are really cool fungus fotos!

  7. As long as you are huffing them.

  8. Oops! I really did mean AREN’T huffing them. I think my apostrophe phobia kicked in!

  9. Great pics of the funghi! I could not live in humidity that high. My body thermostat broke forever once I got to menopause.

  10. It’s been tropical in Melbourne as well – as tropical as it gets here; storm clouds, sultry-ness, stickiness…but no rain.

    Great fungii pics.

  11. Isn’t that just typical? I finally get some decent photos to look at, and I have used up all my broadband connection. I have to wait 3 days before these photos will be seen by me, as they take TOO FREAKIN LONG to download this way.


  12. Now who doesn’t LOVE mushrooms??? Fabulous photos!!!

  13. Sue

    Remember the olden days when we used to have big storms in the afternoons and long hot nights. It was too hot and humid to sleep and that was the norm. We just don’t get that anymore!

  14. Great photos. I felt like a giant looking at them, or rather, I felt like I had shrunk and I was looking at a forest of ‘srooms.

  15. The photos are great! Actually, it is MDH who is the fungi fiend, but I can still admire them. Totally new world when you get down to their level, isn’t it?

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