I feel like I am having a minor crisis of confidence. I’m not sure where I belong.

I look at my blog and I see ‘my kids did this…’, ‘my kids did that…’. I don’t like to define myself by my children. I find people who do that to be quite sad. Their own self-esteem lives or dies by the achievements of their children. They put pressure on their children until everything implodes around them. That’s not me.

SO I don’t want to write a post about my children.

I sew. I’m quilty and crafty, but somehow I don’t seem to have my mojo. I’m not even sure when it left me. I don’t seem to be making anything of quality or of excitement. I’m not even sure of what to make. The harder I try to think creative thoughts, the more elusive they become.

SO I don’t have a post about my craft.

I think my problem is transition. My girl is going. My son needs surgery. I can’t stop any of that. It will ripple through my life without stop. I am a cancerian. We like a steady ship. I do not have good sea legs.



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19 responses to “Who…..me?

  1. Don’t worry, you are still there, just under some stress of dealing with the nest! Your family is an integral part of you and, as much as we may want to do so sometimes, there is little escaping them!

    You are not merely crafty, you are witty! **You** bring so much to blogland! I value each of your posts and comments! Even my dh lurks on your blog and enjoys your wit! You are becoming a regular part of our household!

  2. Yep, I second what Maureen has said.

    Also, life can have a cyclical nature and lately you’ve been going through a range of offspring-related transitions, some of them quite serious. It’s only natural that these things would be on your mind and that you’d post about them. It doesn’t mean that you define yourself solely in terms of your kids.

    I predict that as things cycle back and some of the worries dissipate, the creative excitement will come back.

  3. I second what Tanya said, and third what Maureen said!

    You don’t “just” blog about your kids. You tell us about them, what is happening, what they are doing. We are interested. That doesn’t make you lose your identity.

    Besides, they are obviously a more interesting subject than you are. 🙂

    Oh I am KIDDING!!

  4. h&b

    It’s natural for you to deviate, and also, if your children are on your mind, and doing so much ( as they are, at the moment ), for them to eclipse your ‘me’ thoughts and ‘me’ actions.

    It doesn’t mean you are ‘one of those’. Believe me, I wouldn’t be reading if you were ( now i’m wondering if i’m one – yikes ! 😉

    Personally, I like ‘wholistic’ blogs. Not CRAFT blogs, or BOOK blogs, or FOOD blogs … everything in moderation. Crafters gotta eat, foodies often read or craft … let’s hear it all !

    And stepping back from your craft, is often good for creativity.

    Breathe in/breathe out


  5. For this moment you are right where you belong – with all of us.

    Who enjoy visiting with you as often as you care to write.

    Re the crafting mojo – mine was gone for months – and then I made a few tiny stitches in something – and now I am going like the clappers to try and finish all the half finished stuff.

  6. Stress is not good for creativity, that’s for sure. As such, having a young daughter about to travel to France for an extended visit and a young son facing surgery surrounded by blase docters would rob anyone of their mojo. It will come back…

  7. Geez everyone else said such good stuff that is completely on the money and true and wise. So I’ll add “what they said” and also i would like to tell you that I would come here and read no matter what you said.

  8. Yep, everything that everyone said before me! Right now your attention is with your family and that’s right. Keep posting because you keep me laughing!

  9. I think when you’re in the throes of raising your children “you” often have to take a back seat. Life waxes and wanes, and right now, with all the stresses and transitions you’re dealing with, I think you’re ‘maintaining” very well. Go with the flow, the muse will return. [Mine’s been missing in action for a good while. I’m trying to have faith that it will return, in its own good time!]

  10. Mmmmm. We’re going in circles here too, perhaps too many transitions at once. I’ll just say you have such a wonderful wit about you, you could blog about mealworms and make it interesting. Come on…. you have single-handedly created an apostrophe conscious blog world and you had a cyclone named after you (even if they misspelled it). The mojo will return.

  11. I wonder if you understand how valuable your insight is into the relationship you have with your children. You think deeply about your role as a parent and the way that you interact with both your son and daughter. I am really grateful to you for the perspective that you have on this period of transition.
    You worry that you are defined by the activities of your children, that you are invisible – through your blog I see you creating a new role for yourself carefully, gradually, impressively. I think that you should be very proud of what you are achieving in your life at the moment.

  12. When I arrive late, it has all be said so eloquently, there is nothing left for me to add.
    Dont forget -you are not judged by one post. All your wonderful witty posts bring us back for more. And it is natural to post about your children, you are such a caring loving parent.
    My creative mojo has fled also. I am hoping it will return. I dont have young children to disturb my rythms, it must be the season!

  13. Like Meggie…it seems everything has been said before.

    I think you rock.

  14. A mixture of everything is great. I love hearing about your children, your craft, where you live. All of it, wrapped up in Peppermint Patcher paper.

  15. Peta

    Are you lost? Let me help you find you. You are a funny, intelligent, compassionate woman. You love your family and friends first, you love yourself second. You are creative, talented and passionate. You are a teacher, wife, quilter, mother, sister, daughter, friend, aunt and colleague. You read, sew, talk, laugh, cry and sing the wrong words to every song.

    Your babies are growing up – they will always be your babies. But don’t forget you still have Declan, Chels, Imogen and Jospeh to bring up.

  16. Write about what is happening in your life, and we will still come read. And just because you have a beautiful family that you like to share with us does not mean you are defined by them.

    Now go make yourself something pretty!

  17. Di

    Hope you find your mojo again. Maybe it’s the time of the year? I seem to get a bit flat around now. Hang in there.

  18. I know what you mean about losing your Mojo!! I have TIME now – loads of it!! I could be creating such wonderful things – yet I have been watching crap on TV….during the day…like it is a luxury??
    You are a cancerian and I am a pisces – we REALLY should meet one day!!!

  19. Yes there’s nothing like the input from our adult children to sober us up pretty quick.

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