Schoolies’ Week

Can you believe that a whole week of partying is devoted to the finishing of school. Apparently they deserve it after twelve years of school.

What about my week long party after twelve years of school lunches, band rehearsals, sports training, dance practice, forgot my library book, can we pick ____ up,  need a note for that, excursion attendance, sponsorship, uniform washing, shoe providing, sock searching, hair braiding, assignment checking, homework reviewing, reading log completing work?

Instead of a week off to party I had a week off with laryngitis. I hate having to be quiet. It has almost killed me. I am better now.



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14 responses to “Schoolies’ Week

  1. Aww That is not fair!
    As you say, you need congratulations too!
    Hope you are feeling better.

  2. riseoutofme

    Tracey, did you not read in the Parenting Manual, that under no circumstances are the parents of teenagers allowed to have a PARTY? The “joy” of watching the little darlings grow up is supposed to be just reward ….

    But you didn’t REALLY want a party anyway, did you? You did?


  3. Right – now that you are better it is about time you treated yourself to something lovely and indulgent.

    Go on – you deserve it – look at the fine job you and Mr Peppermintpatcher have done.

  4. A WEEK!! We had one night of revelry before we dusted our selves off for summer jobs and then university registrations, etc. A WEEK! When did that happen?! I want a retro-fit for a week of revelry.

  5. It’s a huge thing in Australia. There are 30 000 teenagers on the Gold Coast this week and several more thousand at Airlie Beach. They are extemely organised and well set up for them. They have events and concerts, they have volunteers and police to keep them safe.

    My daughter is up at the famiy Beach house with a group of her friends. It has been a steep learning curve to shop and cater for a whole week with eight-ten people. They are also cooking and cleaning for themselves. Whatever else they are diong will just stay at the beach house. Best not to know sometimes.

  6. Yikes, I’m not ready for teenagehood yet. I can’t imagine leaving K and N unsupervised anywhere!

    Sorry to hear of the laryngitis. It is good to have a blog so that you can vent despite otherwise being in silence! Get well soon!

  7. Yes, where is Parenties week? I’m sure by the end of year 12, parent deserve a week of partying and debauchery.

  8. Oooh, was that photo taken at a wedding? There’s the bride, right in the background.

    Yes, yes, nice dress, but she is probably as ugly as a dropped pie, so she figured it would be her only chance to dress in white organza and tulle….right?

  9. Thank you for noticing the meringue in the background. It wasn’t white, but blush pink with sequins galore!

  10. No wonder you lost your voice. See the post beofore this one. You said you were lost for words.

    I think your daughter is sensible enough to stay out of trouble and as they say on footy trips, what happens on the footy trip, stays on the footy trip. Same for schoolies I think.

  11. hmmmm….sensible,organised,cooking, cleaning…teenagers? Must be a different species in Australia like kangaroos and koala bears.

  12. I hope Ashy is nowhere near the schoolies having fisticuffs on the Gold Coast streets that I saw on telly tonight!

    Poor you having to be quiet. Hope the throat is better. I had to teach and do a performance (and yell at my kids) through my last throat infection and think I damaged the vocal chords becasue of it.

    You do deserve a party! And it should be totally organised by someone else!! Those sisters of yours are lying down on the job.

  13. Quiet? For a whole week? Argh, that would do my head in!

    I’m with SG – you totally deserve a party. Perhaps you can hold one when she goes to France and you can email her the pix!

  14. Is that loo paper hanging from the ceiling?

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