Formal Night

I have lost my voice. I am without words. Just look…







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26 responses to “Formal Night

  1. Sue

    I came straight over from Sussanah’s blog hoping to find some dress photos. She is not just gorgeous she is stunning! The dress is amazing but with her in it. No wonder you have no words 🙂

  2. Oh. My. Oh. My….


    The day I get around to getting married, if I look half as good as Ashliegh, I’m doing well.

    That colour is amazing and the bling! Oh, the bling!

  3. twolimeleaves

    The only word I can use is stunning.too! My goodness! The poise!

  4. Well, isn’t she going to have a trail of boys after her in France!! You probably didn’t want to hear that….

  5. Absolutely beautiful.

    The shoes look gorgeous too!

    I can only begin to imagine how proud you must be.

  6. Gorgeous and stunning and beautiful. Definitely the belle of the ball. I bet that hairdo took a while. Who is the boy she’s promenading with, anyone we need to know about??!! Because we’re all her pseudo aunts now…

  7. 45 minutes and a can of hairspray to achieve that look. It was so stiff that even a cyclonic wind would not have shifted it.

    They were expected to arrive at the formal and be presented in pairs – nothing to report about Ashleigh’s partner. Relax pseudo aunts… it’s all above board, although as Vicki suggests, what we don’t know about France may be for our own good.

  8. You have a very beautiful daughter and you have every right to be proud of her. I hope that she had a wonderful night that will stay in her memory forever.

  9. Peta

    As beautiful as she looked it is only a tiny part of her beauty. She is a wonderful friend, cousin, niece and woman. I cried the day she started school and I’m going to bawl the day she finishes.

  10. Oh wow, the hair is spectacular, and the dress, and the girl!

  11. riseoutofme

    Tracey, I have no words either. Such a beautiful girl, it must gladden your heart to be her mother.

  12. She is absolutely divine! She just seems to possess an innate grace…. it just screams out from those pictures. LOVE the hair. So jealous of the hair. And that lovely dainty figure too. I may need some chocolate now.

  13. I am sure you found some words to tell your daughter just how amazingly gorgeous she looked!! STUNNING!!!! You must be so very very proud!!
    I wish her all the very best for her future. She will go far – you can just tell!!!!

  14. She sparkles. (And it’s not just the bling either)

  15. Oh She is sooo beautiful!!
    She just radiates beauty.

  16. Oh my goodness…Audrey Hepburn!! Look out France!

  17. Gorgeous.

    I would concur completely with Melinda but I need a teeny-tiny verb replacement. I need chocolate now.

  18. Just beautiful. Hope she had a great time 🙂

  19. How proud you must be. She looks so sophisticated, and will wow them in France.

  20. I was going to say stunning too, but everyone else has said that.



  21. Wow, so pretty, and stunning and beautiful and her hair! Wow, I enjoy your blog and plan to visit again. I am adding you to my blogroll because I see that you occasionally post about sewing and quilting! Hehe.


  22. Oh Tracey I congratulate you and your lovely daughter for reaching such a milestone with elegance and grace. If I think back to my own formal night it was not a patch on such sophistication – all the girls dresses looked very beautiful – I hope the night was truly memorable.

    Now Tracey, rememeber to breath, in and out – this is where all your hard work (and joy) pays off. Onward to France!

  23. I hope she had a bodyguard….

  24. Can you believe she’s all grown up? She’s so lovely.

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