Plan B

I have been concerned that when my daughter goes gallivanting off to France I will once again have to take up cooking duties on a daily basis like a responsible parent.

 But wait….

Surely there is a Plan B?


Oh yes, plan B (with a little bit of encouragement) is working out very nicely indeed.


Breakfast burritos are a perfect dinner-time food.


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20 responses to “Plan B

  1. twolimeleaves

    Excellent strategy! *rubbing hands together* Excellent!

  2. Can you put him to work under Plan A so that he gets lots of training so that even that burden is removed from you?

  3. h&b


    ( P.S. – I can’t believe I stuffed the spelling of your name AGAIN ! )

  4. h&b

    P.S. – tell me about those coloured cannisters?

  5. Do you mean the glasses in front of the glass bricks? If so they were promotional jam jars. My Pete can be obsessive about stuff like that. If he gets one glass we have to go to every supermarket in town until we have the whole collection, then we have to eat piles and piles of jam sanwiches.

  6. Oh and they are NOT for drinking. They are a collectors’ item and will be worth a lot of money some day.

    Yeah… when the world runs out of jam and glasses.

  7. Shhhh…he doesn’t suspect a thing. Look at him, standing there, thinking it was all his idea…

  8. Plan B is good! Just goes to proove, if you leave them hungry long enough they WILL figure it out for themselves! You are brilliant.

  9. Thank you for the best laugh I’ve had today! Go, Plan B, go!

  10. He looks so happy in his work, too.

  11. Plan B is a good one.

    Now, you have to start planting the seed of the idea that the wide world is a very scary place, that he never wants to venture far from home, and he certainly wouldn’t want to do something as risky as spend a year overseas.

    That way, you could maybe keep him in the kitchen cooking until he’s say, 30?

  12. Plan B is looking very promising indeed!

  13. You are going to be my guru of adolescent training.

    I will sit at your feet and learn from you oh peppermint patcher guru.

  14. Peta

    Please tell me he showered first…

  15. He did! He even washed his hands.

  16. You’re good. (Please God let that apostrophe be in the right place). You’re VERY good. So, any word on when that parenting book will be coming out? As you can tell, I need some help at my place.

  17. What a plan. WHAT A BRILLIANT PLAN!!!!

  18. riseoutofme

    Don’tyou just love it when a plan comes together? If, by any chance, Plan B doesn’t work out … you could always resort to Plan C. I’m SURE your Pete is as talented inside the house as he is outside?

  19. h&b

    Yes, jam jars ! I never would have guessed – I love them !

  20. Yes! Excellent! One of my favorite mottos may become useful in this situation: “It’s food and I didn’t have to cook it.”

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