Domestic Queen

This is not a title that I claim… usually. But tonight… hell yeah! Tonight I cooked. You may have read on my blog or on Sussanah’s blog me jokingly saying that next year when my daughter goes to France we will likely starve. Well, it’s not a joke. She bakes and makes and cooks and roasts. She enjoys the kitchen. Who am I to come between her and a love of feeding my family? I willingly relinquish the kitchen to her at least four nights a week. She even shops, or tells me when I need to shop.

Not tonight, though. I COOKED. I love this recipe website. I looked there for inspiration and came up with two recipes – oh, yes… I cooked dessert too. Generally when I photograph food it looks like vomit – especially that time I photographed chicken soup with bits of carrot floating in it. Tonight, however, it looks as yummy as it tasted.


Gourmet pizza. Well…except that I couldn’t find the eggplant dip in the recipe so I used spinach dip instead AND I added prosciutto (because if it has no meat product my Pete doesn’t believe that it is actually food) AND I topped it with baby bocconcini. Nothing like the recipe to which I linked, except for the potato!


Custard tarts. Except that the blueberries looked nicer and were cheaper. So again, not sure why I linked to that recipe.

How domestic is that? I need to lay down now….


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13 responses to “Domestic Queen

  1. Ok – not only have you raised a daughter who willingly cooks – but obviously you are not too shabby yourself in that department. I think you’ll cope OK on the food front when she goes – just not sure about the emotional front!

    Have I mentioned the ABC local radio recipe website – fantastic.

  2. Impressive! I had popcorn for dinner last night….

  3. Mmmmm. I haven’t had breakfast yet and it’s all looking very yummy.

  4. I was thinking the same as Mary. You must have taught Ashleigh about cooking. That looks really good. Especially those custards with blueberries. Yum. I bow in humble admiration of the domestic goddess. I don’t think you’ll starve while Ashleigh is away.

  5. Yum, my favourite dish- food!

  6. I bow [and salivate!] before you Chef Tracey!

  7. I think you’ve been holding out on us!

    That all looks just yummmmoooo!

  8. So, when does your parenting book come out?

    I need it. Or do you sub-contract raising children?

    I’ll have them back when they can cook and shop for me thanks.

  9. oh my that all looks delicous!! Yay for you. Photographed lovely too – very professional.

    I have a recipe blog you might be interested in looking at too – have a look around. Not like of course but there is some nice recipes on there if you need inspiration.

    Well done for raising a child who loves the kitchen and can obviously cook.

  10. Those blue-berry custard tarts look delicious. And nice job with the photography too…nothing looks like vomit (or dog poo, which is the other alternative for any food which is brownish!)

  11. riseoutofme


    What other hidden talents are you keeping from us????

  12. I can’t wait for the day when someone besides the local takeaway cooks for me. *sigh*

  13. My mouth is watering. Though I think I’d need to do an extensive taste test before I could throw wholehearted compliments your way! It at least looks better than my dinner (wine and cereal – ahem…)

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