Oh Sussanah

For some reason our doorbell keeps randomly playing ‘Oh Sussanah’ (the song, not my sister). There is no one at the door and Oh Sussanah is not our selected doorbell tone. Just every now and then it has a little fritz and plays Oh Sussanah.

Today when I looked outside I found a giant stick insect on the wall near the front step.


This guy was bigger than my hand.

Highly suspicious, wouldn’t you say?


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15 responses to “Oh Sussanah

  1. He is absolutely spectacular and I would easily believe he was ringing your bell. I’m a little bit freaked out by really large insects I must say.

  2. A musical stick insect! I wonder if he dances as it plays!

  3. Ha! The irony that it plays “Oh Sussanah”. I’m guessing Sussanah bewitched that stick insect and has him doing her evil bidding.

  4. Melcannady is me! Forgot I wasn’t logging into Blogger. 🙂

  5. You have a walking stick who likes “Oh Sussanah”? Call the newspapers NOW! Also, I’ll bet you could make a mint with him on eBay.

  6. OK, this is just plain freaky.

    I reckon that petty tyrant is up to something.

    I’ll tell you why.

    MDH and I bought one of those remote control doorbell thingies a while back.

    We set it to the more sedate “ding dong” tone.

    The bloke next door leaves for work at 5am every day. Whenever he used the remote control on his car, our door bell went off, not playing “ding dong” as you would expect, but “Oh Susannah!!!!!!”.

    We would go to the front door the first few times, thinking someone was there, but nobody ever was. On pressing the button, we would get “ding dong”. But every morning, at 5am, we would be woken to “Oh Susannah”.

    Somewhere down the track, the remote stopped making our doorbell ring. But it is forever jammed on Oh Susannah, and so now, when the button is pressed, that’s exactly what we get.

    Geeze, if I had known this topic was going to be so interesting, I would have written my own blog on it, so I could have knocked off another day on Nablopomo!

    Sorry about that…

  7. OH MY GOODNESS. Do you think that the door bell company is trying to do a subliminal thing. Maybe within the ‘Oh Sussanah’ tune there is a message that says – buy more diet coke, or delicious chips from fast food shops.

    Sneaky, sneaky buggers.

  8. Now, I wonder how long it will be before I get that song out of my head…

  9. I’ve never seen a sticky that colour before. It is obviously someone in disguise. I am I glad I have no doorbell!

  10. Tanya – ditto.

    I now have Oh Sussanah on endless repeat in my head. Thanks for that. Truly.

  11. I tell ya, it’s all part of the evil plan of the petty tyrant.

    Now we all have the song in our heads.

    Next step, total domination.

  12. *shudder*

    That’s one hell of a stick insect.


    And that thing between you and Aunty Evil? *shudder*

  13. riseoutofme

    Lawdy law, what are you folks smokin out there???

  14. AAAAAAhhhhhh! (That’s the sound of me shrieking and running away from the computer!) If our little daddy-longlegs causes K to shriek in fear, I can only imagine what she’d do if she saw that stick insect! Pass the fainting salts please!

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