An Exciting Purchase

This week I have had the pleasure of quilting the most beautiful quilt.


Lots of hand embroidery expertly stitched with a single strand of hand-dyed embroidery floss. Just lovely.

I also made an exciting ebay purchase. Can you guess it…(you never will!)


It is old and heavy.


It’s a mangle to go with my new concrete tubs.


How lucky is that? Flo and I plan to use them in the garden to wash out our fabrics after we dye them. We think that it is very cool. Our own little laundry in the back yard. The mangle needs a make over. My Pete will get to it with a can of WD40 to see what he can do. They are very difficult to find. I have been looking out for one for ages. I paid $25.50 for this one….but the postage was $50.00. Oh well, that’s how it goes sometimes.

While I am being all quilty, here is a new version of our cupcake quilt. The original one went to a very good home.


Must go and pack now. I am going to a sleepover at an aquarium with twenty-five ten year olds tonight. Apparently I have to sleep on the floor…

Watch out, I’ll be cranky tomorrow.


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12 responses to “An Exciting Purchase

  1. Enjoy if you can what sounds to me like my idea of hell.

    Beautiful quilts.

    And very, very clever ebay purchase.

  2. Owww…lovely. Not my idea of fun either but good for you!! Or maybe it could be my idea of fun as I have never done it before…

  3. twolimeleaves

    Now it’s MY turn to say, that photo doesn’t begin to show what a beautiful, beautiful quilt this is! It’s such a pity that the subtle lusciousness of hand-dyed fabrics just don’t show well in photos.
    Never mind, I’ll just tell everyone. HEY YOU GUYS!! THIS QUILT IS DELICIOUS!!

  4. I hope you packed some pain meds! No one over the age of 12 can sleep on a floor without paying dearly for it. I’m guessing that the price on the mangle is seriously cheap! It sounded cheap to me. Particularly if they are hard to find. I love the little sprinkles falling off the cupcakes. How unique.

  5. I believe you twolimeleaves, it looks delicious!

    I love it, thank you so much for sending it to me!


    I keep trying…

  6. riseoutofme

    Tracey, is there anything that your Pete CANNOT do?

    Can he tap dance? Oh, he can. He has medals to prove it. Oh.

    As for sleeping on the floor … I’d pull rank if I were you.

  7. You’re doing WHAT tonight??? Are you insane?

  8. Hi Tracey,
    Short time no seenut liked what I saw, its a good idea to show the quilt and also what you would like to use for the garden….The photo’s ae very well made.

    perhaps you know the name of the flower on my blog?

  9. That quilt does look lovely. Do you think the owner would mind if we drooled over a view of the whole quilt?? Guaranteed not to stain, or leave the drool marks.
    I send my sympathies for the sleepover…

    As to the mangle- I am so old I can remember using one!!

  10. These aged bones would protest loudly and creakily at having to sleep on the floor. Ow. But then my bones have a few years on your bones….sleep well! Haven’t seen or heard of a mangle since I was a small adventurous child snooping around in the barns at my uncle’s.

  11. Lovely quilt! Hope you managed to get a couple shut-eye blinks during the aquarium expedition!

  12. I believe you Kirsty. Not sure I believe Tracey about getting excited over mangling the cloths. The whole set-up looks like my grandma’s laundry.

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