Conspiracy Theory

On Monday my Pete flew to Brisbane for work. He’ll only be gone a few days. I may have mentioned before that I hate to be alone. I’m not even really alone, the kids are here, but it just doesn’t feel right to sleep in an empty bed. I get very little sleep when my Pete is not here. I roam the house at all hours of the night. On a positive note – in lieu of sleep I get lots of sewing done (actually unpicking today, but that’s a whole other story!).

SO my Pete left at about 5pm on Monday. At 9:30pm I discovered that one of the dogs has an enormous swelling in one ear. Interesting, isn’t it, that these things happen like this. Now I’m not saying that in any way that my Pete has caused the dog’s ear to swell, but he is in this house for three hundred and fifty days per year. On those days he would deal with any dog / vet situations. BUT… just hours after he has left the city, a dog / vet situation has arisen and I am the only one here to deal with it. It is very hard not to think that in some way the universe has conspired and caused the poor dog to suffer an ear swelling condition. It could have happened on Sunday or Thursday next week, but it happened today.

Thomas (the dog) has broken a blood vessel in his ear and today I am taking him to have a minor surgery to repair it.

BEFORE my Pete left:


AFTER my Pete left:


Poor Thomas. Poor me. Bloody universe!


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11 responses to “Conspiracy Theory

  1. Yes, there is definitely a conspiracy there.

  2. I could have written this post myself…EXACTLY the same thing happens to me with our cats whenever The Poolboy goes away.

    Cats one day, healthy, happy, eating…Cats next day, vomiting, lethargic, missing…

    What does the universe have against mums being left alone with pets?

  3. Poor Thomas! It always seems to happen in the midst of January that my dh leaves the city (usually by some long-distance flight) and I come down with severe flu and generally one of the girls too. It is really hard to take care of a 7 month old when I could barely stand with the flu! Thank goodness the girls are more independent now but I still anticipate that this will happen! Here’s to crossing fingers & toes that it doesn’t! Hope your Thomas feels better soon!

  4. Oh, dear! Poor you and poor Thomas!

  5. I’m just glad MDH rarely goes away. I’m like you, after sleeping alone for most of my 40+ years, I don’t do the empty bed thing well now.

    Cute puppy!

  6. Poor Thomas. He looks so very sweet, even with his swollen ear he looks not unhappy! It seems that Pete keeps things in balance when he’s home and when he’s not….

  7. Oh yes it is a CCPPO, Cosmic Conspiracy to Piss People Off.
    It always strikes when a woman is alone, with such things as mutilated fingers on a child or other such dire things.

  8. Good luck with the surgery stuff! Poor dog Thomas. He is very cute.

    Do you get to catch up on your missed sleep when Pete gets back?

  9. riseoutofme

    I hope Thomas has perked up by now.

    I’m sure your Pete knows and appreciates how much you miss him when he’s not around.

    And then, of course, its GREAT FUN when he comes home.

  10. I’m kinda dreading it when Lyndon starts his course he is doing for his work next year. He flies out once a month, for 5 days at a time to either Brisbane or Mackay, for about 7 months. I don’t mind being ‘alone’ as such, I like adult company at night. And I just know something will hapeen when he’s away! Gee, that’s positive thinking for you isn’t it?

  11. He’s so sweet! And he does resemble Quincy – maybe they’re cousins. I haven’t heard of a Koolie before. Quincy is a Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie).

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