For My Listening Pleasure

On the weekend I discovered quilting podcasts. Who knew that they were out there in the world wide web? Really it shouldn’t surprise me. There is so much available that it astounds me!


So I loaded up my beautiful blue ipod and listened to discussions about thread and fabric design and quilting inspirations while I quilted. (Fascinating, I know) I quilted for the longest time without taking a break. The time just seemed to fly by.

It made me think that perhaps I should buy some audio books and listen to them while I quilt. I enjoy reading, but I often feel guilty because I like to take a whole day to read a book. I hate to read for ten minutes now, then half an hour tomorrow. If I start a book I want to finish it right away. Taking whole days at a time to read seems, to my mind, to be a little self indulgent. BUT…. I could listen and quilt at the same time! Good thinking!

Off I went to itunes to see what was on offer. Now, here is the stumbling block, audio books are damned expensive. $45.00 for a book. Can I justify that? The actual book is half that price. Is my time more valuable than the price of an audio book? Does any one else use audio books? Where do you buy yours? Please share your ideas with me!

On another note I would like to wish my fair nephew a very happy birthday for this weekend.


My kids were so delighted to have a new cousin when he was born. They continue to delight in his company.

Oh and his doughnut cake was delicious!! I had the white chocolate doughnut. Sussanah refers to it as white mocklate, because it makes a mockery of real chocolate.


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12 responses to “For My Listening Pleasure

  1. Ha! Daydreamer, slow walker, and now likes to take all day to read a book! Are you me?

    Oh yeah I don’t quilt.

    My only suggestion is that you can borrow talking books from the library. Don’t know what the range would be like.

  2. Nic

    I too feel guilty at taking precious time out for something as frivolous as reading a novel! I came up with this solution some months ago and found it to be a wonderful compromise. I get my books from – they have an introductory offer when you join up so you can get one book a month quite cheaply.

  3. I am addicted to audio-books! I’ve been listening to books while I sew for years. Our local libraries here hve really good selections and I have a number friends that I also trade books with. You can find good sales occasionally.

  4. But do you daydream, listening to audiobooks about quilting, while slow walking?

  5. I love podcasting and listen when I walk everyday.

    Another good quilting podcast is Quilting Stash by Annie Smith.

    Here is a link to her blog

    I down other padcast from ITunes.

  6. I most certainly do. It is my idea of bliss!

  7. I love audio books, and I must say some of the best are the Harry Potter books. They are read by Jim Dale and he is brilliant! They are damned expensive, so I would recommend getting the CDs from the library and loading them onto your iPod.

    Have fun!

  8. Nicola Harman

    With regard to audio books, go to your local library and see what they have on the shelves. Also look at the state library catalogue on the internet and see what is available. Take your requests to your local librabry and they will get them in for you. I go for the books on disc and transfer the audio onto my mp3 player through the computer. I have been listening to audio books for thirty years and would find life w/o them empty.

    Nicola in West Australia

  9. I’ve never listened to audiobooks. I would periodically listen to books on cassette almost a decade ago (or more?).

    I do know that the access to stuff on the Internet is incredible. This is one reason why radio stations in N.America are having challenges because there is so much choice that people tune out so quickly (with short attention spans to boot). CBC Radio has completely changed its formatting recently as a consequence. The theory used to be that radio was pushing information/music out; now it is having challenges pushing info out because people turn off so quickly. Consequently, there is very little literary/artistic stuff even on CBC due to the lack of attention span/interest.

    Not quite on topic, but someone’s gonna read it!

  10. You have to have dreams- how else can they come true?

    I was also going to suggest the Library for the books. I have never tried them though.

  11. Never tried the audio books. Sounds like a good plan for you though. What’s the point of being a women if you don’t multi-task to the max?

    Why does your web page lock up for about 30 seconds whenever I come in? It doesn’t do it anywhere else.

    Don’t bother answering, I know you don’t know, I just thought I would have a whinge.

  12. Library all the way, unless you really think you’ll listen to them more than once. Internet stuff you should subscribe to podcasts.

    I love that picture of the kids!

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