Day Dreamer

Every report card that I ever brought home to my parents from school said that I was a day dreamer. Even now I spend a lot of time in my head. I love looking at things and seeing their details then just thinking about them. I would like to say to all of those teachers that it’s not such a bad thing. Every now and then it turns into a germ of an idea which I follow through, but most of the time it just makes me happy to think about stuff.


My husband and my children are dreamers too. I like it and I imagine that we’ll be dreamers forever!

I think that it was supposed to be a negative comment on my report cards, but I am very happy to embrace it.

What about you? What are you happy to embrace about yourselves?


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9 responses to “Day Dreamer

  1. My very first report card from school said “Aunty Evil shows very strong leadership. Unfortunately, this behaviour causes her to be bossy, and she even tells the teachers how to do things”.


  2. Aunty I’m sure they had you mixed up with someone else. You are NOT bossy ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I was the daydreamer too. Always drifting off during math (yuck) and then getting rudely brought back to reality when the teacher called my name and I realized I had been off in la-la land for the past half hour! I also got scolded for not checking behind myself on my math sheets… making careless mistakes. But they weren’t! I just kept repeating the mistake when I checked my work. Once I get something in my head wrong, it stays for a while. I embrace the daydreamer in me….. how boring would life have been (and still be) without a few happy daydreams to brighten the dull routine bits?

  3. Nope, not a daydreamer. Daydreaming is something I do just as I drift off to sleep. A planner I am, a daydreamer I’m not. I sometimes wish I were a daydreamer as it is likely linked to creativity. My K is a daydreamer, or at least she likes dilly-dallying which can drive me crazy!

  4. Does not know appropriate time to talk. Yep. Now it would say “Does not know appropriate thing to say.”

  5. soozadoo

    talks too much, big surprise there huh?

  6. Too quiet.

    I was definitely a day dreamer.

    One teacher complemented me on my ability to concentrate when I was reading a book, because it took him several attempts to get my attention. Nice of him, must have been English (I used to read under my desk in maths.)

  7. h&b

    “Leanne would do better if she concentrated more on work and less on being distracted by her friends ( or those around her )”

    So ?
    I like to be entertained.

    So sue me.


  8. Definitely a dreamer. I love the way I can lose myself in books.

    I think that was a lovely thing of your teacher to say, and very wonderful that you took it so positively. I’m not sure that’s how she meant it, though!

  9. The problem with my dreams is I imagine a magnificent outcome to whatever project I’m thinking about and then never do the project because I’ve already gone from idea to how it would look to rapturous applause and the actual doing of it become unnecessary. I was a girly swot at school, all my teachers loved me.

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