My Platform

I believe that education should be of primary concern to all citizens of our country.

As we approach the coming election all citizens should consider issues of education above all others when selecting their preferred candidate.



So…what did your kids do at school today?

In case you are unclear, that is a snowman that transforms into an aeroplane when you open your finger. I am so proud of my son. His creativity knows no bounds. (Please read this statement with the intended sarcasm!)


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18 responses to “My Platform

  1. I thought it looked like a bird.

    In both pics.

    Shows what I know.

    I was public school edumacated. Can you tell?

  2. So are my children I imagine a prvate school would have sent him right home for all of the body art he did during home ec today.

  3. twolimeleaves

    That seals it. I’m voting for Pip.

  4. See, I too thought it was a bird. Me and my public schooling education!!

  5. Me too. Thought it was a bird.

  6. A bird, a plane…. both have wings. Can’t imagine where he possibly could have learned to go against the grain? I’m sure he did not learn that at your knee. Sussanah perhaps?

    I have no problems with him expressing his individuality. It’s cool.

  7. Oh so funny! My son comes home with love notes written by girls.

  8. Cool – your boy is learning to be a tattoo artist. You must be very proud.

  9. The snowman is rather birdlike.

  10. Sorry, I live in snow 6+ months of the year. I just can’t see a snowman literally but if I use my imagination….

  11. Re: Aunty Evil’s comment…I was private-school educated and I thought they were both birds too! Definitely can’t see a snowman. Am I supposed to squint and do the 3-D magic picture stare or something??

  12. I support your platform and also your son’s right to self-decorate when bored in class. I used to use my school notepads, personally.

  13. soozadoo

    PIP 07!!!!!!!!!!

  14. soozadoo

    This raises the very interesting debate as to who owns the meaning of art, the artist or the recipient?

    Is it a bird, is it a plane, who decides?

  15. Didn’t everyone do this at school?

    I do understand where you are coming from though … my son is in his final year and the amount of days off that his teachers are taking for “personal” reasons is frightening. I’m just keeping my fingers crosssed!

  16. Damn. My cover is blown. Thats what I get for taking a few days off. The attention span of a goldfish.

  17. Bird, plane….just enjoy it! He’s a clever boy. Imagine being able to think like that!

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