Too, Too Tired.

I am…

 But it is totally self-inflicted. I need to go to bed earlier and I need to sleep all night. The following post is mostly an incoherent ramble, but I’m too tired to care.

I went to see this with the kids. It was very, very cool. My ears are still tingling, but in a very good way.

Now, you cold climate crazy people, I need your advice. Ashleigh will land in Paris in late January. When she leaves here it will likely be 32 degrees C. She’ll land to face around 5 degrees. She is going to need a coat. We do not have anything suitable in NQ. I think that 24 degrees is cool, 21 is cold. We just don’t have to deal with Paris-style temperatures. I need your good coat advice. I am happy to purchase online or through ebay, but what would you look for?

I’ll leave you with a riddle. It is irrelevant to everything else in this post, but I don’t care. I’m too tired to care.

How do you silence two thirteen year old boys?


Make them blow up forty balloons. 40 balloons + 2 boys = 60 minutes of silence (punctuated by the odd farty sound made by releasing air from the balloon – the height of humour!)


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14 responses to “Too, Too Tired.

  1. I was so tempted to go to silverchair/Powderfinger (especially when I saw people were selling 4 tickets for $100!!

    If it were me going to Paris, I’d take a simple jumper – and use needing a coat as my excuse for my first Parisian shopping trip…

  2. twolimeleaves

    Good idea, T. Leather is one of the best things you can buy – completely stops cold wind in it’s tracks. Needs to be big enough that you can fit a jumper under it. And long enough to cover your lower back. Most other warm stuff is fairly bulky. Avoid the temptation to wear thermal underwear – you’re stuck in then for the day and the heating inside can be stifling! You need LAYERS. Like an ogre.

  3. craftymum

    At risk of revealing myself as an outdoorsy type wanker, I think a lightweight windproof microfleecy type thing from an outdoor shop would do the job. Packs up very small, then later in Paris she can acquire something more stylish. The outdoor jacket would most certainly be a useful item whilst there, and since we are going into summer, you could probably find one cheap-ish, but I guess you’d have to look online.

  4. precious pink pumps

    Firstly, I think when Ashleigh leaves here it will be a whole lot hotter than 32 degrees!!!
    But….I would recommend lots of jeans, black pants (in that stretchy fabric, so very practical, but can look dressy), turtlenecks in grey, black and a bold colour eg red, and scarfs. Don’t underestimate the scarf in cold weather…and to dress up an outfit.
    Boots. Good comfy boots that work well with jeans and pants and are good for lots of walking.
    I would buy a proper COAT in Paris. I bought one there and it was so divine. Cost me about $100 AU and is like a pea coat I guess….peter pan collar, more fitted to upper body then tapers out to aline bottom, but ends mid thigh. Big buttons. Heavy felt-like material. Loved it so much. I still have it somewhere…in that scarey room at the end of my garage.
    I had a leather jacket also which was well worn. IT also doubled as a pillow on the train. Leather jackets are durable and again can be dressy or casual. Can also go over a frock with stockings too.
    BUt….as much as 5 degrees sounds so cold to us, I think as long as she has a good jumper to start with, as Tanya said, that will be fine if she can hit the shops there , just a good basic dept. store, asap.
    Wow, I got in to that topic didn’t i?
    Oh, and thermals. That counters the cold very well. And they’re good and comfy to sleep in. Order them online from Myer or DJ’s in brisvegas.

  5. craftymum

    Oh, and thermal underwear. Doesn’t have to be officially thermal, you can get very nice merino slimfitting tops, that she could wear as the first layer, I think kookai make some, for example.

  6. Give her a granny skivvy to tide her over, a scarf and a blank cheque.

    Nothing warms the soul more than getting off a plane in somewhere like ohhh, I don’t know…PARIS!!??… and getting to go shopping!

  7. Oh yes, let her pick something in Paris. What a great souvenir. She’ll pull it out someday when HER daughter is going to Paris! Just pack a jumper to get through until she finds what she needs. The one Jennifer described sounds perfect…. lightweight but windresistant.

  8. At a minimum, She’ll need a fleece (there are various levels of Polarfleece 100, 200 & 300) and a good waterproof jacket because she’ll use it from January to June (rainy season.) Add extra layers of thick sweaters and leggings under jeans if she has to. Due to the climate change, she’d likely want a warm hat (AKA toque) and gloves (as you lose most of your heat through your head), plus a scarf. She’ll be dealing with humidity in addition to the cold weather (speaking from someone who lived in UK). The home that she’ll be living in, does it have central air? If not, send lots of warm clothes. (I recall sleeping in London with a pair of thick sweatpants, a tshirt and a sweatshirt plus socks on plus a double-layered blanket and had troubles sleeping due to being cold). I like my Columbia clothing for outside purposes. You likely can get this is Australia, if not, ebay. Check out Mountain Equipment Coop website for other ideas

    I wear my fleece/waterproof jacket with a scarf/hat/mitts until it’s about minus 15 degrees C but then I am living here and my body is gradually adjusting to the weather changes.

    If she has these basics, she could buy something more fashionable in France but beware clothing can be expensive! Plus, what’s the point of buying a heavy winter jacket from France if she won’t wear it again? Also, with our cold weather, I only buy winter wool jackets with a shammy lining but that is hard to find.

    Just my thoughts….

  9. Personally I think a proper posh coat needs to be tried on to see if it suits you, so I wouldn’t get one of those online, giving Ashleigh the money sounds more sensible. The casual fleece like Crafty said would be a good idea oin the meantime.

    Frenchwomen keep warm mostly through always wearing scarves I’m told, and hats are also a great way of keeping in the body heat. A beret obviously, since she’s going to France.

  10. Okay, I know I live in Cairns but I have been to Europe in ‘their’ winter. A scarf, a stylish hat and a pair of gloves are an absolute must. Do not underestimate how good tights are under jeans (pants whatever) and woollen socks. As for a coat, buy a good quality microfleece. They wash and dry so very quickly and you can really stuff them into minimal space in your suitcase/backpack. Ashliegh should buy a lovely coat in France – how posh. And what a souviner which she will hold onto for years (even if she never wears it again!)

    How lucky to see the silver finger. Good was it? Over 8000 went to it in Cairns which I think is amazing!! Yay for both bands to tour this corner of Oz.

  11. h&b

    As an ex-exchange student myself, you need to send her to Paris coatless, and with money. Her host parents will take care of her, and European coats are manufactured differently, for European conditions, in European styles. She will be much happier with her new Parisian coat.

    I tried to tell my mother the same thing before she left to live in London, but nooooooooooooooooo…

    Soon after, she rejected her Kathmandu coat for something that matched her peers and complied to London Life.

    Likewise, she left it with a friend before she returned. No use for a London coat in Melbourne…

    Good Luck ! 🙂

  12. Something fleecy and warm to get her by until she scopes out what the natives/her peers are wearing. Then, with the cheque magnifique her doting parents gave her for just that purpose, she can go shopping!

  13. Having spent 7 winters in Europe – it is the hat,gloves and scarf that are essential!! Go with the fleece to start off and buy a coat when there! Really the temps are cold – but the houses, shops etc are so warm. It is only uncomfortable going between bus to shop or car to house etc! –
    Layers are the thing!! Tights under jeans etc. Wool socks too. Oh and the best thing invented are these inner soles that can go in your shoes that have a silver lining and somehow keep the cold from coming in through the soles of your shoes!! I tell you cold feet are the worst!! Good shoes are important!!

    Oh she is such a lucky girl!!

  14. Let her buy a coat in Paris – it doesn’t need to be a super dooper heavy coat, she can wear layers. But oh, think of the memories she’ll store up in that coat. And if she ever has to throw it out after years of use, she’ll be able to say:

    “Oh well, at least we had Paris”.

    Boom boom.

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