Basic Lives

These instructions came with a towel.


Wash it…then dry it.

When did we become so stupid????


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16 responses to “Basic Lives

  1. h&b

    I’m confused – can I use cold water ?
    Do I hang it on a line ? Draped, or pegged ?

    How long should it take to dry ?
    Would direct sunlight be ok ?
    Can I wash it with other things, or must it be washed separately ?


  2. Shit. I thought you just threw them out when they got dirty!

  3. Most straightforward instructions i have ever seen.

    Can’t understand why you wouldn’t find them helpful….

  4. Maybe the instructions were made for men….

  5. Common Sense has gone the way of the dinosaurs apparently. Did you know that Hemmorhoid cream says “For external use only.” Really?

  6. Your beach is beautiful…..Of course I’m prejudiced in favour of beaches, no matter where they are! I love your sand dollar. They’re usually hard to find here also, but in August we found more than we could carry. How about a seaside themed quilt, with a sand dollar quilting motif?

  7. I dont have a racial thing. I just wonder who is advising them. A lot of their toys say NON TOXIC. Which is more or less cause for alarm.

  8. That’s nothing for instructions! I’ve seen some whoppers where you think, “what dummy did that?” Must be because we are neighbours to the country of litigators….

  9. LOL! Yeah, that’s pretty sad.

    For some reason it reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon where Wally is holding forth about washing towels: “Why should I have to wash my towels? When I get out of a shower, I’m the cleanest thing there is!”

    Maybe instructions have to included for the Wallys of the world.

  10. Thanks Wally. You’ve made the rest of us feel superior of intellect.

  11. There was something in a Douglas Adams book (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy etc) about how the character knew the human race had finally gone mad when they read the instructions on a toothpick packet: Remove one toothpick from box. Insert between teeth. Waggle about.

    H&B and Aunty’s responses had me chuckling.

  12. I’m going to check the toothpick box right now!

  13. The last line says it all really, Made in China.

  14. craftymum

    I just can’t think of anything to say. This is my fifty millionth visit, still got nothin’. (OK so I am exaggerating)

  15. There are some stupid people out there though. Trust me.

  16. Oh! So you’re supposed to DRY them…that’s where I’ve been going wrong. No wonder my towels aren’t very absorbent… If only my towels had come with such explicit instructions.

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