On the Beach

Last weekend we spent a couple of nights at Balgal Beach. It is about 60km north of Townsville.

This photo was taken at 3pm on Sunday.


Hundred of metres of beautiful beach and not another soul to be seen. How lucky can you be? The sea was a little bit rough. It is rare to see so much white water. Our coastline is with the Great Barrier Reef. That means that the water is too shallow to generate waves. There are no surfers in North Queensland, despite our coastal lifestyle.

We walked as far as you can see in this direction.

At the end there is an outlet which has been cut off by a sandbank.


It’s alright to look at this water, but you should never get too close. It is a perfect habitat for saltwater crocodiles. I have never seen one, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t live here.

We have been coming to Balgal Beach since before the children were born. They have spent many, many hours beachcombing along this shore. We very rarely swim in the open water. It is too cold in winter and too dangerous in summer. In the summer box jellyfish are in these waters. They are deadly. True North Queenslanders call people who swim in the ocean ‘tourists’.

When the kids were little we would dig a hole in the sand at low tide and let it fill with water. They would call it a swimming hole and we would spend the whole time shoring up the dam wall to stop it from emptying back into the ocean.


This weekend we were looking for a sand dollar skeleton. These are just amazing, but elusive. It is difficult to find them whole as the waves frequently break them up before you find them. I love them and wanted to take a macro shot. It took us about 45 minutes of beachcombing before my daughter’s eagle eyes spotted this beauty.


Fancy a skeleton being that pretty.

I have been quilting feathers and thinking that I am so clever…


but I can’t compete with nature. Nature has done it all before, without even trying!


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13 responses to “On the Beach

  1. bec

    I have tiny dim memories of northern queensland beaches from the year I turned seven – you’re bringing them back in (buckets and) spades!

  2. Love the piccie of the kids! How cute! We have driven past the sign post to this beach but never visited. Maybe we shoudl. How lovely.

    *sigh* Oh how I do love our Northern Queensland coastline…

  3. You are right – none of us can compete with nature. Beautiful photos and really nice feathers too!

  4. What a lovely post Tracey. the Sand Dollar is lovely.
    Your feathers are not to be sneezed at!!

  5. What a treat to get to a beach today! I’m not too sure how I feel about the references to alligators and jellyfish. Nasty things that we don’t have anywhere near here as they can’t survive our climate. Does that mean that I’m grateful for piercing cold weather?? LOL! Have a great weekend!

  6. Looking at your lovely pictures makes me long for a vacation. How lovely is sun, sand and sea in that first picture! What darling little beachgoers your children were. Nature has had many years of practice turning out masterpieces. So I think your work is just as magnificent.

  7. Fabulous deserted beach. Shame you can’t safely swim in it. I have never seen a sand dollar before; I don’t think we have them here. What a beautiful form.
    When our kids were tiny we did the same thing at the beach, not to make it safe for them but to let the shallow water warm in the sun….ours being so much colder than yours. Your feathers are great, wish I could do them that well!

  8. Water, water, everywhere and nowhere safe to swim!

    The sand dollar skeleton is exquisite but you are also right to feel clever for your feathering.

  9. Peta

    Who are you and where did you come from? You forgot to mention that there a sea lice, and when you go to the beach you get sand everywhere – and I mean EVERYWHERE. Nature is out to get us – if its not sunburn, its mosquito bites, or leeches or tripping over stupid tree roots and I could go on and on. Not to mention there was probably something really really good on tv that will NEVER be shown again. Just don’t stop bathing or Sus and I will have to have an intervention…

  10. I do love that sand dollar – and your quilt.

    I have always thought Nature lost the plot a bit with North Queensland – such beauty but to be unable to swim in it?

  11. h&b

    that sand dollar is amazing !!

    and your kids .. they haven’t changed a bit, have they ? 😉

  12. Just because nature has done it before doesn’t mean that you aren’t clever! Lovely skeleton, lovely feathers.

  13. I can’t look at this first photo any longer as it is making me more and more dissatisfied with my life!!!

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