Today is my daughter’s seventeenth birthday.


This was taken last night at her birthday party with a friend. We bought her the little black dress that she wore to stunning effect and the digital camera to take to France next year.

She is an adult. She is capable and responsible, she is intelligent and sensible, she is caring and social, she is beautiful in every way. She is a completed project. One that my Pete and I have worked on very hard, with our entire beings, since 1990. We have invested so much energy, thought, belief and philosophy into her, but it isn’t really necessary any more. You are looking at the finished model of a tiny baby that we met so long ago. From now on we are just proud onlookers as she takes her life and shapes it.

I am incredibly proud of her, incredibly proud of the family that has supported and nurtured her for so long, but it still makes me want to cry.


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16 responses to “Birthday!

  1. And me cry too! She is truly truly beautiful – and I bet she is beautiful inside too.

    She will knock them for six in France next year!

  2. Happy Birthday! She looks great.

    You and your Pete (and Ashleigh) should be very proud to have created such a wonderful young woman!

  3. soozadoo

    Being her very favourite Aunt I feel mostly responsible.

    Oh and can you ask her to pcik up my kids?

  4. *sob sob*

    You should be proud of what she has become today, thanks to the both you and Pete! Well done. And Happy 17th Birthday to Ashleigh!!!

  5. twolimeleaves

    Happy Birthday, beautiful Ashleigh! Love the fringe πŸ™‚ And the black dress.

  6. Happy birthday! Love the dress πŸ™‚

  7. Happy Birthday to a beautiful young woman.

    (You don’t really believe yourself when you declare she’s grown-up and your work is done, do you? I thought we were always their little babies to our parents. Leastways till we have to put them in nursing homes.)

    You and Pete have done a great job and I’m sure she will always make you proud.

  8. A bittersweet day I think. She’s lovely!

  9. Pass the tissues please. She’s lovely and you are certainly right to be very proud. (And I don’t really think Sussanah had that much to do with her wonderfulness, favorite aunt or not).

  10. Happy Birthday Ashliegh!
    She is sooo beautiful, in every way.
    You are right to be so proud of her.

    Go Well on your journey, Ashliegh.

  11. What a beautiful post for your lovely daughter. If you’re ever considering writing a ‘how to raise kids’ book, let me know. Obviously what you did worked!

    Congratulations to your baby of 17.

  12. I’ve got tears too; do you have a share in Kleenex? You’d be making profits off your posts!

    I wish her a happy and healthy 17th year!

  13. Oh, those dimples are so cute. Her new fringe definitely suits, and happy birthday Ashleigh.

    Congratulations to her parents as well. And what My Float said.

  14. Happy Birthday to your stunning daughter!!!
    I can understand why you are so proud!

  15. h&b

    Is youth still wasted on the young ?

    I highly doubt it when I hear about your kids – they truly live their lives, stay on the side of good & light, and still come up with the goods.

    And they seem to be having *fun*


    I think I wasted mine on useless angsty sulking moments. Pah !


  16. Happy birthday to your daughter! She’s beautiful and sounds quite accomplished; you’re right to be proud.

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