Kite Fest

Today we went down to the Strand (one of our local beaches) to see the kite fest.


The Strand is always a popular place. It has fabulous public spaces. Most weekends there are lots of weddings held along the shore.

Today it was particularly busy.


Lots of people wanted to watch the kites in action.

This one looks like a patchwork kite.


Some disasters occurred.


But they were quickly remedied.


We even watched a tandem parachute jump that looked like it would land right in the middle of the kites, but managed to navigate safely to the beach front.

My children were in fine foolish form.


Notice that my daughter had a fringe (bangs for you guys who don’t know what I mean) cut yesterday. She hasn’t had one since she was quite young. It has afflicted her with a mysterious hair flicking and constant¬†adjusting disease.

Don’t tell her that I said this, but man!. It makes her look a lot like her brother! Look at these green eyes.


Life is good. Wish it would stay like this.


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16 responses to “Kite Fest

  1. Your children are seriously beautiful!

    A fringe suits your daughter.

    The Stand in Townsville is lovely. It truly is. It is one of my favourite places along the NQ coastline. And to see all those kites would have been terrific!

  2. What handsome children! They could be twins!

    Great kite photos!

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  4. Great pics. I was lazy and didn’t get there until it was nearly finished (but less of a crowd, so I was happy!).

  5. precious pink pumps

    Fringe suits Ashleigh – she looks gorgeous…and so grown up!

  6. AH Those gorgeous kids of yours!
    Kites are fun. We were in Singapore once when they had National Kite day, & everyone went off to fly kites. (That might not be what they called it, but that is what they meant!) It was suitably windy!!

  7. fabulous photos too!!

    Your children really do look like brother and sister!!!!!

  8. I love the colours of the kites! I’m going to have to see whether this is something that can be located here! I am already looking forward to spring! For some reason, kites and spring go hand in hand!

  9. A photographer’s delight, all that colour billowing in the sky. Your 2 are lovely kids, full of fun.

  10. Days like this are wonderful. Enjoy them. And, I hope your daughter recovers from her disease soon!

  11. Lovely Fringe! She looks like a model. Does that mean her brother does too? And does that mean you will be filthy rich someday?

    Oh, and the kites are nice too.

  12. they are gorgeous your kids – and those sort of days are just so easy and good …

    Townsville – must go there one day – it is where my mum grew up and where she met dad…

  13. Ashleigh looks great with a fringe – gives her an air of sophistication, so I’m sure she’ll do well in France! I love family days like that.

  14. Oh, I sympathise with Ash about the constant adjusting, I too have recently acquired a fringe (without asking I might add). I like it, but it wasn’t long before the blow drying wore off and I remembered why I don’t have fringes, stupid cowlick. It will stay down, but not without help.

    Your kids are cute. (Am I still allowed to say that at their age?)

  15. soozadoo

    fringe is good!


  16. ridhuansyukri

    go to my blog i also have kite fest picture at johor malaysia… but the pic i took with my mobile phone looks bad…

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