Forever Day

In May last year my sister was given the news that she had been allocated a child for adoption. We received this photo of a smiley boy from an orphanage in Taipei. My sister and her husband gave him our grandfather’s name and his paternal grandfather’s name.


It was a very strange few months, knowing that a boy was waiting for all of us in a place so very far away. We were unable to see him or hear him. We sent him some gifts. We received photos. We thought about him every single day until one day in Spetember when a call came. My sister, her husband and their daughter were told to make arrangements immediately and be in Taipei within a week to collect him.

Today is the anniversay of very day that they first met him. The very day that he first returned with them to their hotel room in a foreign city. The very day that he realised that he had a mummy and a daddy and a big sister. (He didn’t know about the rest of us for another week.)

Today we will have cake and balloons. It is only appropriate. Cake is mandatory at any celebration! We have a lot to celebrate.



How very fortunate we are! A song for today.


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15 responses to “Forever Day

  1. kylie

    that is a beautiful story, it bought tears to my eyes and goose bumps to my arms. In my pre baby days i worked for department of child safety and would cry all the time at all these little kids that just wanted to be loved, and i would think about all the wanna be parents that want kids but can not have them, its a strange world so it is nice to hear a beautiful happy story. thank you

  2. Great little story to a lovely little kid. Ahh. It warmed my heart and that song made me cry. Thanks very much!!!

  3. Such a sweet-faced little boy. I hope he has a long and good life.

  4. Congratulations to the whole family. What a fabulous day to celebrate!

  5. How lucky & blessed you all are!

  6. Beautiful post.

    beautiful photos.

    Beautiful boy.


  7. and oh my word that music clip and that song-


  8. Celebrating the year of happiness the little fellow has brought you – well worth a Very Special Day and CAKE.

  9. My mother says that she fell in love with my brother the first time she saw him at the orphanage and he lifted his little arms up to her. She spent the next few months living in nervous fear that they would not pass inspection and this child who she already considered hers would not get to be legally ours. Rob’s mother said the same thing about his adoption. Biology doesn’t make families…. love does. The anniversary of adoption is an important date for both my brother and my husband… they consider it a second birthday.

    P.S. It is probably smart that you introduced the little tyke to the extended family in stages? He would have been overwhelmed with you lot all at once wouldn’t he? ;-P

  10. I love to hear stories of unloved children finding happiness. Happy Forever Day to you all.

  11. A beautiful treasure for all of you.

  12. precious pink pumps

    What a fabulous song.
    What a special day for a very special little boy and his family. xx

  13. What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing! Best wishes for him and his family in the future!

  14. Forever Day…I love that title. Gorgeous post – thanks for sharing it!

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