Paler Shade of Green

We consider ourselves to be environmentally aware. We try to conserve power, we recycle, we use a sprinkler system that is more water-wise. We planted our yard with native plants because they are hardy. We have very little grass in our front yard because it just sucks up water. We enjoy watching the parrots partying in our trees when they are in flower.

Can we still be considered green if this morning I awoke with murderous intent toward a bird? Can I pick and choose which parts of nature I will accept?

If that makes me a hypocrite, then it is a badge that I wear with pride!

It is obviously spring because the storm birds have arrived.  (Go down that page and click on the link to listen to their call.) My mother-in-law calls them storm birds. My Pete and I have another name for them that would curl my mother-in-law’s hair. These little charmers awake with the sun and begin screaming ‘boo-oop’, over and over and over again. They are so loud that they cannot be ignored. My Pete and I do not like to wake with the sun, it makes us cranky. I have been out roaming the yard with a tennis ball in my hand. The dogs can see the wild look in my eyes and won’t even get out of bed to greet me. I have thrown the tennis ball into every branch of every tree, but I can’t find the little mongrel that continues to taunt me with its ‘boo-oop’ cry.

I will find it. I will scare it with a tennis ball.

sigh…then I will probably just have to close all my windows so I can’t hear it any more.

Stupid nature!


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21 responses to “Paler Shade of Green

  1. I braced myself for a horrendous noise when I pressed on the “sound” of this bird. It wasn’t nearly as horrid as I expected! Maybe you just aren’t a morning person!? We have some that are far worse than that for noise-levels!

    It did cause me to consider that I’ve never heard of this bird. We just tend to learn about kangaroos,koalas and dingos from Australia! LOL! Apparently, that bird just doesn’t make the “interesting” list for N.Americans!

  2. It’s not a bad sound, but it is at 100 decibels….over and over and over

  3. I’ll swap you your Koel for my 20 or 30 rainbow loirikeets, 6 red wattlebirds and several dozen noisy miners! My own fault because I planted the front with no lawn and masses of grevillias, bottlebrush and gums and they are in flowers at the monment.
    I also have three magpies that knock on the front door and call out to be feed each morning and evening ….. ah the wonders of nature!

  4. soozadoo

    Myself, I like the concept of nature. From behind plate glass, in climate controlled sound proof bliss.

  5. Peta

    Better still nature on tv…

  6. I’m sure any high volume, repetitive bird call, especially early in the morning would be enough to make you throw tennis balls into your neighbours’ yards (isn’t that where they were finishing up?…lol).

    I listened to their call, and was pleasantly surprised because I was prepared for those other birds that give that blood-curdling shriek at night. Are they curlews? Perhaps they’re not actually in Townsville, but there were plenty on Magnetic Island when I visited Tanya several years ago. Their shrieks came in a close second to my snores!!!!

  7. Oh no. I am very good at throwing the tennis ball straight up, then quickly running out of the way before it lands on my head. That way they stay in our yard.

  8. My, what a beautiful flower.

    Poor birds. It’s better than waking up with sounds of ambulances and traffic, though!

  9. I’ll swap you. I’ll take a ten of those birds for ten cars tearing past just outside your window (and every tenth car has music so loud that the bass vibrates through the house). Oh, the joy of having an annoying bird in the backyard.

    I do feel your pain, I really do.

  10. I love nature – when it follows my rules!! I feel your pain. When things like that happen to me I get a very unhealhy obsession with “addressing the problem” – whatever that might mean… LOL!

  11. Anybody who has said “it’s better than…” clearly hasn’t been woken by one of these bastards.

    Don’t bother with the tennis balls, other than to use them as practice for when you graduate to hand grenades.

  12. I’m calling Al Gore right now! You can join his hypocrite club…. be sure you sign your name directly under mine. I hate noise…… unless it is musical noise and I have CHOSEN to listen to it. We looked out our windows this winter, early in the morning to see lovely deer, jumping across the yard… so pretty…. until I discovered they’d been making breakfast of my shrubbery. Then I was asking Rob if we didn’t have some sort of firearm somewhere.

  13. …or a neighbour who still thinks that his car or truck need to be warmed up for 30mins at 6.30am….in Summer!!!!! Maybe I wished too hard and now they are gone due to awful circumstances!!!! But it is quiet now!

    I would buy a few more Tennis balls though – nothing like repeated amunition!

  14. I feel your pain! We have the Koels.
    Lovely flower!

  15. Tennis balls are green. Go ahead and throw!

  16. I must be a little off my rocker…I love the sound of the birds in the early dawn. Even the repeted call of the cardinals over and over and over. But then I also like to get up before the sun and wander out just to see the morning stars.And Nature is a wonderous place even if it is home to those awful vegetable stealing rabbits. The sneaky little quiet ones are the worst!
    That is a beautiful flower, what kind is it? Lucky you to be facing spring now.

  17. Tonight I heard a noise in the Iowa countryside that I hate to hear–that of braking tires against gravel–as a buck just missed the side of my Explorer. Then the screeching of my tires against blacktop as I stopped to miss two raccoons. And, finally the honking of my horn to get the fawn off the road. All of this in just 15 minutes. I love nature!

    My favorite bird sound is that of a loon in Minnesota. Absolutely wonderful. We have a 5-acre pond behind our house so we also get Canada Geese in the hundreds….that is pretty to listen to until you want to sleep.

  18. i was sure I had commented here last night. And if I have and just can’t see it – please excuse my aging eyes. But I listened to that bird and any noise in the pre dawn hours that is highly repetitive would do my head in. And I knew Meggie had posted about them and they just sound horrid.

  19. I hear you on not wanting to waken before the sun. We have a wattle bird does that in our front yard, which Fixit finds annoying bu I am oblivious. The only things that really penetrates my sleep are my children.

    You’re still environmental if you are targeting the nuisance with a tennis ball. If you start setting cats or fire-arms onto it, you’ll have to give up your green badge.

  20. Bloody birds. Here, we hear bloody Minors, lorikeets, white cockatoos and kookaburras in the morning. Our alarm clocks. Some mornings I’d love a shotgun. Anyone would think we were ungrateful for having such amazing wildlife wouldn’t they? *heehee*

  21. What a story a I can imagine the sea and beach there, and waht a sweet baby-boy, I like your blog.

    Thanks for visiting my blog pleas come back you’re very welcome JoAnn 🙂

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