School Holidays…

have begun. YAY!

I suggest that you all go to see Hairspray. I just loved it. I am going to see it again, but you might not want to go to the same session. I intend to sing along next time. I won’t be able to help myself! I love a good sing along musical.


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13 responses to “School Holidays…

  1. There are some big names in the cast! Now that I’ve heard that you love it, I might get there too! Thanks for letting me know of it!

  2. I guess ear plugs kind of defeat the purpose, huh?

    I’m still wondering about the link between school holidays and Hair Spray. Other than both starting with H…it has me beat! 🙂

  3. twolimeleaves

    Oooh ooh !! When are you going?? I’ll come too! No one at my house wants to see it except me 😦

  4. Something to do on your holiday. It beats staying at home!

  5. crafty

    Yes, I’ve heard it is good too.

    Yay for the school holidays!

    Last year I used to think other stay at home mothers had lost their minds when they said they were looking forward to the holidays, now I totally understand.

  6. An actual interaction with my son:
    “Where is Ashleigh going?”
    “To see Hairspray with Grandma.”
    “Is it good?”
    “Does it have any fart jokes?”
    “Yes it does, actually.”
    “Right then, I’m in.”
    So I guess the whole family will be seeing it.

  7. Seond person today to tell me Hairspray is good. So I am going to see it too.

    Looks like NSW is out of step by a week – we start next Friday. Can’t wait.

  8. Yay for school hols…!

    Going to see Hairspray this weekend. I *love* a good musical movie.

  9. Fart humor, too! This really IS a family film! We planned to go see it, but the fragile babysitting plans always seem to crumble when we most desire to go out! It’s our curse, sigh….

  10. I want school holidays too 😦

  11. John Travolta looks spookily female, doesn’t he?

  12. I have heard it is good. Must try to see it soon. And, I say sing if you want to!

  13. It’s nice to read that a parent says ‘Yay’ for school holidays, rather than ‘Groan’. Yay for you Tracey. That is so nice to read… *smile*

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