Good, Bad and Ugly Weekend

I mean that title quite literally!

the good

I have been quilting feathers. For those non-quilty types, feathers are the holy grail of quilting. They are the ultimate quilting design and highly treasured when they are done well. This is my first go on a client quilt. I am VERY happy with the result. (I hope you call by crab-shack dweller, because this is your quilt!)


I plan to quilt lots of feathers everywhere now!

We went to our son’s soccer break up and he was awarded the most improved player trophy.


He looks too cool, doesn’t he? He needs a whole new wardrobe. Even shirts just four months old are now too small for him. Do you notice the way he is holding the big trophy? Do you see that one finger is sticking out? That is not just etiquette … it brings us to

the bad


While at the soccer break up he jarred his finger. He was very quiet after he did this and quite whingy. This is not unlike him when he is hurt. He has a very low pain threshold (he is a sook!) I was sympathetic and got him ice, but I didn’t really look at it until later in the afternoon. This brings us to

the ugly


That is actually a small fracture in his finger. Nothing major, he just needs to strap it to the next finger for the next four weeks and avoid sport. His finger is sticking out to the side at an angle because he over stretched it in that direction and it is now very swollen and bruised in there. He can’t bring that finger any closer to his middle finger at the moment. Luckily for him he is left handed and this injury is on his right hand, so he doesn’t need to miss any school.

So…how did he do it? On a jumping castle shaped like Superman. It had cylinder shapes inside that made an obstacle course and one of them hit his hand and bent is finger the wrong way.

My son’s comment? “Well, superman is the man of steel, you know.”

If only the trophy had been made of kryptonite!

EDIT: for some reason the comments are not showing here. I can see them on my site, but not on my blog. I will try to work it out. Sorry.


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22 responses to “Good, Bad and Ugly Weekend

  1. twolimeleaves

    Oh OW! My sympathy, Pip. I hope you are being waited on hand and foot be suitable slaves and that someone else is wiping your bum for you.

  2. twolimeleaves

    Whoops, not BE, that should be BY.

    and I was so overwhelmed by The Injury that I neglected to say Superlative Feathers, Mrs P.

  3. Ouch! Poor boy. I always had fat bruised fingers when I played netball, they bloody hurt. I imagine a fracture is 10 times worse. Congratulations on the trophy and the feathers.

  4. crafty

    Your quilting is amazing. I am flabbergasted!

    Oh your poor boy, I’m glad it is not too serious though.

  5. YAY! I found them. DOn’t know how, but I’m happy to claim this as my good management!

  6. Oh good, sorry about posting twice I thought I’d lost the first one.

  7. crafty

    Third time lucky? (Your blog doesn’t like me today)

    Your quilting is amazing, I am gobsmacked.

    That finger looks very sore, serious enough for extra sympathy, but I’m glad it is not really too serious.

  8. crafty

    oh there we go, I am playing chinese whispers with myself. What fun.

  9. I hope your boy’s finger heals quickly.

    You seem to be so pleased with your beautiful feather quilting, is your husband worried that he might get quilted too if he stands still?…lol.

  10. My mouth fell open in amazement of the beauty of the quilted feathers…. I so wish I had been given 1/10th of your talent! I’m sure you have a very thrilled client.

    And poor boy! You must serve his every whim this week…. I can give you tips! I’ve been pampering Rob and his cracked tooth all freakin weekend long!

  11. Those quilted feathers are just wonderful!
    Congrats to son for his award, but I can sympathise with his finger. My daughter had several accidents with her fingers, ending in breaks. And, once a sash window fell on her thumb, & broke that.

  12. bec

    Feathers? Beautiful.
    Finger? Ouch!

    Kaiser Chiefs? An excellent way to fill the quiet. Scary Hens’ Nights may haunt me for some time…

  13. Poor boy! Can he still flip the bird? Do you flip the bird in Australia?

    The feathers are fantastic!

  14. Only with the other hand Beth. We just call it ‘the finger’. (Although at primary school it goes by the ominous name of rude finger.)

  15. Lovely quilt…. Oooh, that finger looks painful. Pass on my empathies to him.

    Am hoping that your next weekend blog title is “the good, the quilted and cuddly”. Meanwhile, I am waiting for my 2 lapquilts to be returned from the longarm quilter. Am hoping that the finished products will be posted soon (er… or later)!

    Have a good week!

  16. Great feathers!

    And yeow to the finger. Hope it heals quickly.

    PS – it’s the rude finger at primary school here too!

  17. Love the feathers.

    If anything, at least there are some cool x-rays and a great story to tell once the finger has healed 🙂

  18. Unfortunately “I did it on a jumping castle” isn’t inspiring awe around the playground! Apparently people cannot stand for laughing when they hear it.

  19. That quilt looks nice.

    I’m not going to get any more enthusiastic than that, because they are never mine. 😦

    Hope your boy’s finger heals quickly! I bet he never knew until today how much he bumps it on daily things, huh?

  20. The quilt is aboslutely beautiful. I love those pale colours, they’re stunning.

    Congratulations on the trophy. Great work! ANd as for that finger, OUCH. I can’t stand fingers being bent like that. I’m sure it’s no fun for him either!

  21. tracey you did a fantastic job on my quilt I love it. Thank you so much crabby

  22. Hi I hope that you don’t mind that I visited your blog? I saw your name on Alice’s her blog,
    At my First hit I saw a wonderfull portrait of your sun, a very pretty friendly boysface, and than the/your story WOW! Thats great written I liked it all, also the photo’s to illustrate the story, very well done…

    My blog is about me, my life , my dog., my city and countrie which is Holland, when I go on trveling (for holidays) I show that on my blog, be welcome to visit my blog 🙂

    Bye JoAnn

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