Looking for me?

I suggest you try a web search for : tight wedgie. Failing that try: boob cake.

 Apparently these two searches have found my blog in the past two days. When did I become the centre for all that is purile??? Good grief!

If I’m not there I’m in my studio, quilting with my music turned up loud. I am the only one at home. I hate to be alone, so loud music fills the house. Quiet is lonely too. So I am filling it with this.


Do you like the quiet?


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15 responses to “Looking for me?

  1. twolimeleaves

    I LOVE quiet. I always listen to music in the car, but not often at home. I am happiest in absolute silence. WHich is kind of strange when you think about how loud I am…

  2. soozadoo

    Declan will be so pleased to hear someone else has “tight wedgie”.

    Quiet, quiet, WTF is that! I said to Peta recently, “Would you have ever in your life believed that it was possible for me to be the quietest person in the house?” Because in my house I am. Which of course makes my house really fucking noisy.

    I hate quiet music, at that banal elevator level, just humming in the background. I say if you are going to play it, PLAY IT LOUD! If you can’t feel the bassline thumping in your chest, you can’t really hear it.
    For me at the moment it is all “It’s a song, a song, A SONG ABOUT PING PONG.”

    funniest thing seeing Imjin the toddler terrorist, headbanging in her seat yelling “MOREPINPONGMOREPINGPONG!”

  3. I like quiet if I’m out in the country – then I can hear the ‘country sounds’. I do like music when I’m home or in the car, and if I were to join you in your studio right now I would have to bring my iPod because I couldn’t listen to the other music for very long ….lol But then, that shouldn’t come as a surprise!

  4. AIIII! I can’t even imagine how your page showed up with these searches. (Except for now, of course, when it is listed as number three because of this post when I Google “tight wedgie”. In fact, my using that phrase probably lifted it to number two. Shall I type it a few more times so you can go for number one? Tight wedgie. Tight wedgie. Tight wedgie.)

    Even more disturbingly, I found a page called “The Acute Scrotum” and another with the phrase “A tight wedgie could blight your trip”. Indeed it could, and I’m relieved to see that confirmed in writing.

  5. I always suspected that Tanya, I have had many trips blighted that way.

    I love a quiet house. But not for too long.

  6. If you have a wedgie bad enough to damage your delicate parts and ruin your holiday surely you would remove it loooong before heading to google!

  7. h&b

    I love quiet. I had no TV before meeting my husband, and even though I *love* music, I rarely listen to it.

    I just love quiet.

    Probably why the clacking of the keyboard suits me, and the phone irritates me ….

  8. Your comments are as funny as the post! LOL! Yes, I can’t imagine anyone searching “wedgie”. I would think you would know it if you had one! I like quiet, I like music, sometimes I liek the TV as background noise. I live in the country too so like the quiet sounds of nature. I think people with kids get used to lots of noise and really miss it when everyone is away. I’ve never had kids so I’m one of those people that crawl the walls when visiting a big, loud family! LOL!

  9. crafty

    I love quiet too mostly. Like H&B. I was driven out of the house the other day because the neighbour’s dog was barking. (Not those neighbours, other ones.)
    I am in no doubt as to the origins of the expression ‘barking mad’

    I am a bit of a head case actually, when I worked in a salon, my boss liked Loreena McKennit, the first time it was OK, but after a few days there were certain lines in the music that made me physically nauseous almost to the point of dry retching.

    Oh and someone found me with “Aunty with sanitary napkins”

    and “explanation why is fishing with dynamite bad”

  10. These searches frighten me. Apparently there are more weirdos in the world than I had previously imagined.

    What is this quiet? Where can I find it? Is it for sale? I’d like a case or two please.

  11. Quiet can be a kind of bliss! I love music though, & need regular fixes to keep me happy.

  12. So funny! I was just talking about the “boob” element in your earlier post with my dh last night! We were talking about what blogs he should come to visit (as a lurker!) & how I enjoy reading the “Australian-ness” of your blog!

  13. I find google search terms a little freaky…who are these people??

    I don’t like quiet myself…but I prefer TV noise to radio noise…often have TV on in the background just to fill the airwaves.

  14. I love some peace and quiet. But I miss the noise-makers after a while. Crafty I nearly got driven insane by that same dog, I thought my ears were going to start bleeding.

  15. Hi I hope you find this as I couldn’t comment on your most recent post. As you know. So welcome to my world and I have to admit to visiting you too before now as we do cross paths often. But I lurked shyly.

    and i love quiet. I love coming home after school drop off and just having quiet. But in the car I love loud music sometimes and classical music at other times and sometimes loud classical music and at the moment Blister in the Sum by the violent femmes is the car favourite because for some reason I do not like quiet in the car.

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