Bits and Pieces

My Pete dug a hole.


It wasn’t easy. Every time he took some dirt out of the hole, someone swept it back in. He is a very patient man. He said nothing, he just continued trying to dig his hole. The little ones love it when he is here because he is always doing interesting stuff. Then after everyone has gone home he mumbles under his breath about having a very good reason for only having two kids.

 I bought some fabric.


The pink and orange paisley piece inspired me. I just want to eat it, it is so delicious! It will be a quilt very soon.


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21 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. I chuckled to myself over Pete’s comment. He may only be a man of few words, but when he does talk it is worth listening too! *chuckle chuckle*

    Your fabric is lovely. Oww…I can’t wait to see the finished product…

  2. twolimeleaves

    He is a patient man 🙂

    And that little boy gets bigger every time I look!!
    Pretty fabric! I used to buy fabric once…

  3. My goodness your fabrics are lovely!! Don’t the littlies just love helping? And digging. They love digging. Gorgeous photo of them.

  4. Great fabrics – looking forward to seeing end result!

    Toddler’s find something just so fascinating about holes.

  5. Of course…I meant TODDLERS without the apostrophe…please don’t send out the apostrophe police…arghhh.

  6. soozadoo

    I note Joe “helping” and Imogen watching, that’s my girl!

  7. Imogen was worried about the dogs and climbed up to stand on that pot plant behind Joseph every time they came past. For our American readers a pot plant is a plant in a pot, OK.

  8. I call them a pot plant, too. And hope that isn’t mistaken for the hallucegin(sp?). Those kids are too cute…. so fascinated by the shovel and the dirt…. and that Pete has a very good point.

  9. What a guy. I love men who are patient with children.

  10. Gorgeous photo of Your Pete, & the Littlies!

    Yummy fabrics too!

  11. Your Pete is too good!!

    LOVE your fabrics and you just cannot go wrong with RicRac!!

  12. I wish I had half the patience of your Pete. It drives me crazy when my son undoes work I’ve done, like sweeping leaves. Please tell me his secret!!

    How cute are those kids!

  13. lol! So did Pete get the hole dug in the end?

  14. Fear not! He did dig it, but a ten minute job took half an hour.

  15. crafty

    Oh, cute. What a man!

    Pink and orange? Yummy.

  16. Little helpers are just the best! 🙂

  17. WHY was your Pete digging a hole?

  18. Such beautiful, luscious fabrics. If I had a stash of fabrics stacked like that, I would never want to cut them up. What am I talking about? I never seem to cut them up anyway!

    Pete should have given the little ones a shovel each and they could have taken turns at helping him.

  19. h&b

    Love the fabric – so pretty, and ric-rac to boot !

    Had to laugh about the hole – gorgeous concentration and that broom is ever-so-ready….


  20. The pink fabric is fabulous!

    I understand Pete’s comment about only having 2 kids too. This seems to be a regular thought running thru my mind too!

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