On Wednesday we have a GP appointment to ask for a referral to a specialist to check if our son should have a surgery to correct the shape of his chest. My Pete and I think it highly likely that it will be recommended. At times like this my brain always gets a hundred miles ahead of itself. I begin to think and imagine a million different scenarios. I wish that you could just go for testing and have any treatment done on the same day, so that there is no time to think.

Thinking is often MUCH worse than reality!


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20 responses to “Worry

  1. That is such a fantastic photo!

    I agree with you. Why do all the bloody-serious-ailment specialists make you wait months to see them?

    Don’t they know how much we worry?

    Actually, they probably do. By the time we get to them, we are usually so wound up that their bills are the least of our concerns!

    Hope your boy will be ok!

  2. I love that photo too, what a cutie. Of course you are worried, that is your job as parents. I can only send good wishes that the whole process will be relatively stress-free.

  3. Best wishes for whatever you decide – hope you actually get to see a specialist that’s NOT a god-complex type….!

  4. twolimeleaves

    I didn’t know Pip had that. Clancy has the exact OPPOSITE. His sternum started growing out as he went through a supersonic growth spurt aged about 16 1/2. I know what you mean about the worrying…

  5. twolimeleaves

    ps that is a very very cute photo!

  6. Tracey – I sincerely hope that the most appropriate course of action will be recommended for your boy, and if that should mean an operation, I hope you won’t have to wait too long and the outcome will be 100% success.

    A worrying time for you all, but I’m glad that you shared it on the blog as many people will be at least supporting you in their thoughts and prayers.

  7. Parenting does seem have a rather large percentage of worry associated with it…. and in these cases, nothing really resolves it until you have medical reassurances or surgery to correct the problem. I hope everything goes well and that the wait is short to see the specialist. Don’t you just wish you could turn your brain off so it didn’t race through every possibility? Thoughts and prayers for you.

    That boy is just beautiful. Love the upside down dinosaur and overalls…. such classic boy gear. And my God, his feet were huge even then!

  8. Oh, dear. This is quite a worry. Still, I’m glad we’re living now instead of fifty or a hundred years ago; there are many more options now.

    I’ll be thinking of you and your family.

  9. Very cute photo of you little guy!

    I to worry way to much about my friends and family.

    In the morning I am going to the hospital with my son who is going to have and EEG and MRI of his brain. Now I can worry for a few weeks until we go to the Dr. to find out the results of the test.

    I am hoping you get good news after your appointment on Wednesday.

  10. Gorgeous Photo!!

    You are SO right – the WORRY is worse sometimes – often times!!

  11. I’m a worry-wart that plans for worst-case scenarios. It is logical considering my occupation but it is a health hazard! Hope that all works out well in the end, wherever and whatever that end will be…

  12. sending along good thoughts for the doctor visit.
    And what a gorgous photo.

  13. This is the worst part of being a parent. I have learnt this by being a parent, otherwise I don’t think I would fully understand. I hope all goes well Tracey. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. I hope the worry is worse than the result.

  14. Thinking is definitely often worse than reality. Hope all goes well with your appointment(s).

    Very cute photo.

  15. Oh how adorable is that pic!

    Good luck with the appointment.

  16. Sending positive vibes for all concerned.
    What a gorgeous pic!

  17. Sue

    Good luck for your appointment I hope you get some help. I love the photo too the dinosaur upside is funny 🙂
    Sue xx

  18. I hope things go well for your cutie. So true about the worrying and the thinking! If they would just get done what has to be done—or give you a temporary lobotomy to switch off the worry!

  19. Beautiful pic! Fingers crossed for the best possible outcome. 🙂

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