Under the Big Top

Tonight my daughter is at a friend’s place, so the boys and I went to the night markets.

My son was playing that man’s name game. (The one that NEVER gets old!) You know it… What do you call a man with a shovel? Doug. What do you call a man nailed to the wall? Art. etc etc etc

It went on and on until my Pete said, “What do you call a man with no legs?”

Perplexed silence followed.

My Pete said, “Shark bait.”

“That’s not a name!”, shouted my indignant son.

“No”, said my Pete. “It’s his nickname.”

My son could not even walk from laughter.


It’s a circus and I am surrounded by fools!


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14 responses to “Under the Big Top

  1. That gave me a good chuckle. Fixit and I love that game too.

  2. Oh my goodness! I only yesterday dragged out the old chestnuts of jokes like that for MDH. Surprising that he hadn’t heard a lot of them. Like the man with no arms or legs floating in the surf is called Bob, and the one laying on your doorstep is Matt.

    Or the one with rabbits running up his arse is called Warren.

    Oldies, but goodies.

  3. My two sons and husband are always telling jokes and most of time I do not get it. I just say it is a guy thing and walk away. But when I do get it they are proud of me.

  4. HeHeHe! J.T. is the king of corny jokes right now. This week: What did the ocean say to the sand? Nothing. It just “waved”…. Rob came home with this one yesterday. How do you get a University of Georgia graduate off your porch? Pay him for the pizza!

  5. You lucky girl! The best Fools in the world! Anyone who laughs, or can make you laugh, has got to be a winner!

  6. Must be a guy thing; I’ve never been exposed to that as 1 of 4 girls in my family! My dh for some reason also has missed many of the guy jokes ~ he didn’t even know the one about “pull my finger”?! Not surprisingly, he only has sisters…. LOL!

  7. That would have made me snort with laughter too when I was younger – I am so much more mature now (in too many ways, I’m sure) I could only manage a chuckle – but what a chuckle it was!

  8. It sounds to me like you’re surrounded by a happy family!!!

  9. Your Pete sounds like a wonderful Dad….

  10. Look at the way your son is looking at his dad – his eyes are shining!

  11. I like ridiculous jokes! And people who laugh at them!

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