How many ways to be a proud mother

From the time my son was born he has had disproportionately large feet. They are seemed to grow at a pace not matched by the rest of his body.


We would hear him walking down the hallway – ‘slap, slap, slap’. It was the sound that I would expect a duck to make with its webbed feeet. He still has a tendency to walk like that.

He runs with his full foot hitting the ground at once. My Pete says that he should run on his toes, or heel down first as a shock absorber, but he doesn’t. He hits the ground – ‘thud, thud, thud’ and lets the shock spread up his legs.

Today he was involved in a data collecting exercise for statistical information about children at the age of 13 in Australian schools. He is 160cm tall, a full 15cm (6 inches) shorter than the tallest boy in his class. AND YET….


He has the biggest feet in his class.

It makes a mother proud!


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17 responses to “How many ways to be a proud mother

  1. Be thankful, one and all, that you can only SEE them and not smell them. BLAH!

  2. Forget the feet… those are some amazingly long eyelashes!!

  3. *Heehee* Those feet are HUGE! And Tanya is right, those eyelashes are amazing!

  4. twolimeleaves

    Ooh, they match Clancy’s! He now wears a 14 – 15 shoe and also has Toe Pubes ( *cough* NOT my term, his).

  5. Don’t “they” say something about men with big feet?

    Or was that just in Notting Hill (the movie)?


  6. People always commented on my boy’s eyelashes when he was a tot. He is about 18 months old in this photo.

    Aunty my Pete says that the rest of your saying is ‘like father like son’, but he is just working blue!

  7. bec

    Ha! I love this. My Gorgeous Boy, too, has the Uber Feet. He has, however, the Uber Height, too. He’s four years younger than his large-footed big sister and wears shoes one size smaller. AND he’s gaining on her!
    If only he wasn’t, at five, still petrified of water on his face I think his father would be nursing Ian Thorpe ambitions…

  8. I just knew somebody was going to bring up the old wives’ (please let that apostrophe be right) tale about Big Feet. And I should have known it would be that raunchy Aunty! 🙂

    My J.T. has long feet. We compared his baby footprint to his sister’s and his foot was a full inch longer. Which on a baby foot is like 33% bigger! Last year he went through 4 shoe sizes in 9 months. And I have to admit he’s a good underwater swimmer.

  9. There’s something wonderful about young growing creatures and yes, big feet. (Or, as my husband calls his own set, “pontoons”.) Who would have believed the time would fly by so fast and that precious baby boy in your photo would have Hairy Man Feet in only a few short years?

  10. My first thought was Ian Thorpe, then Aunty’s comment came to mind! haha.
    I saw a Doctor of something, who swore large feet on a woman, indicated good childbearing hips..
    I have no idea what it idicates on a man?

  11. Having big feet can be a challenge in locating suitable footwear. My sister likes to purchase footwear in the USA when they travel there for at least 3 big-footed members of her family. I can only imagine the challenges that he may face if his feet grow bigger than the common sized feet if you don’t leave Australia frequently. (The USA has a large population plus a tall and big-footed population! They have some great stores for tall / big-footed people!)

  12. The joys of being a mother of children with big feet!

    Elder son (6’5″) takes a size 13 or 14 and those can be hard to find but younger son (6’9″) takes a 15 and he has to scour through Sydney to find anything to fit – hence the reason he wears thongs so much or shoes that are falling to pieces.

    Younger son also has little toes that have never touched the ground, they just sit there poking up into the air , beats me why.

  13. Yes Aunty ‘they’ do say that. Big feet=big hands, or big feet=big heart. One of those isn’t it?

  14. I had visions of sentimentally keeping the Climber’s first pair of teeny-tiny tap shoes as a memento. I will still keep them but at age 4 when he started tap his feet were already size 12. At age 6 he’s a size 2. The Cherub on the other hand has to wear girl’s tap shoes because his foot size comes from my side of the gene pool.

  15. soozadoo

    I don’t think those photos show the true freakishness of his GIANT feet.

  16. Look, I am sorry if I am being a pest. Yes, I am back again. But really, every time I look at that close up picture of the feet, the hairs on the toes make me think of Hobbit feet.

    Just saying.

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