Day of Dad

Today was Fathers’ Day. My Pete and I can live without organised days of appreciation, but the kids still love the early morning wake up and the exchange of gifts in our bed.

We went off to the local university open day because one of our heroes was giving a lecture.


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is a very clever man. He has ultimate faith in the intelligence of the human race to use science and engineering to solve our problems and make the world a better place. He left me feeling very positive about humanity. He is able to link ideas together in a way that is extremely funny. We all really enjoyed his lecture. Although it wasn’t easy to get a photo because he is quite hyperactive and seems to move, think and talk at great speed.

A fathers’ day conversation:

Me to my Pete, “Are you growing your sideburns? They seem to be longer each time I look at you.”

My Pete, “Yep.” (He is a man of a few words.)

Me to my Pete, “There are a lot of grey hairs showing through your sideburns.”

My Pete, “Every hair is a good hair.”

Spoken like a bald, beautiful man. He had a good day!


A song that I’m loving.


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12 responses to “Day of Dad

  1. Every hair is a good hair – that’s fabulous!

    I saw Dr Karl a year or two ago when he was here to introduce a number of scientists, each presenting their research on global warming and the impact on coral reefs. Dr Karl was a lot more interesting than most of those scientists.

  2. Your Pete is a classic. His words made me chuckle.

    Okay, I can see why you like that song – it’s because the lyrics get caught in your head…. (What a Melbourne filmclip, wonderful!)

  3. Dr Karl is one of our heroes too! Your Pete is one of the Bald and the Beautiful.

  4. Sending a Happy Father’s Day wish to Pete from me. My Paul is also a man of few words. When is Monther’s Day?

  5. He looks like a Happy Man.

    You tell your Pete, the next time the hair (or lack of) issue comes up that “Grass never grew on a busy street”

    Although, he probably knows this already!

  6. Yep, your Pete is gorgeous!
    And Dr Karl is one of the most interesting people around.

    And the song… pretty damn good!

  7. Bet your Pete is one of those people who waits until he has something important to say before he speaks. If only there were more people like that in the world! I would be a much happier person.

  8. Geez, Dr K really played down the shirt, didn’t he? It’s usually madly coloured!

    Your Pete is very cute, follically challenged and all.

  9. Ah, a close up of Mr Painty-pants! Good for him and his confident attitude towards hair! I always feel sorry for men with comb-overs on super windy days…

  10. Was that retort (dare I say it?) off the top of his head? Or has he been working on his hair-related material for a while?

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