What was my mystery picture? Certainly NOT anything mouldy or gross!

Fairlie and Tanya were indeed correct. It is a coral skeleton.


Those bits that looked like gravel are grains of sand caught up in the holes. We found it on the beach and put it in the front yard rainforest. I went looking for it today, but the leaf litter has buried it and I’m not scratching through it in case there are spiders. The teeny, tiny coral polyps (the animals which live together to make a coral reef) live in those holes. They make a limestone skeleton around themselves which grows as the polyps multiply.

My lies… Sussanah was right. I am not a rule breaker generally. I did find it tricky to think of lies, but luckily I had my son to support me. HE seemed to find it remarkably easy to tell outrageous lies. He thought of the wedding ring on ebay and Transylvannia – but he was thinking Dracula, not Rocky Horror! Hmmm … I do not like Kevin Costner movies, even though a member of my family gave me a DVD for Christmas one year. It wasn’t even intended as a joke. She likes old Kev’ and has trouble seeing past her own interests when buying gifts. I do not watch All Saints, I do not eat tomato, I do not go fishing, I do not enjoy piped music and I do not like building playing card houses or watching High School Musical 1 or 2.

Last night we were lucky enough to witness a full lunar eclipse. I couldn’t take a photo because I would need one of those mega lenses that the paparazzi use ot take photos of Cameron Diaz pulling out a wedgie from 500m away. I did find this photo though. We looked at it through the telescope and marvelled at the natural phenomena of space.


When I was a child living in Melbourne in about 1976 / 77 we saw a complete solar eclipse. We had no idea how fortunate we were to have witnessed it. The significance of event is lost on you when you are ten. You think that these things happen every day. I hope my kids remember last night. It was beautiful.


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12 responses to “Revealed

  1. Hey! I take offence that your “mouldy or gross” link leads to my site!

    Well, maybe not offence.

    Actually, no, bugger it, yes, offence!

    Anyway, moving on now, nice stump photo!

    And, congratulations on joining a very exclusive club this week. And that club is the Mention Spiders In My Blog To Freak Out Aunty Evil Club.


    Now everyone just STOP IT!

  2. I posted my eclipse photos today to the blog. As mentioned, I didn’t think much about it until Kerri told me she was watching it too in Upstate New York. Same thing, same time, opposite sides of the world – WOW!

  3. Ok, just to clarify…Aunty Evil herself is neither mouldy, nor gross. She is evil, but that is another matter. Her husband, however, takes photos of oranges that are mouldy and gross and she posts said photos on her blog. She associates with the mouldy and gross, while being evil.

  4. I guess you must be thinking we have weird [wal]nuts here in Florida! When I was a girl I remember one solar eclipse. The nuns were more worried about damage to our eyes from looking at it than in teaching us about how it happened. They made sure everyone was inside the building at the appointed time. AND covered all the windows with darkening cloth! On a positive note,as long as i wear my glasses, I still have decent eyesight……

  5. We had a solar eclipse when I was ten. We were warned not to look, lest we go blind, just like Molly. We witnessed a lunar eclipse several years ago, beautiful! Your son did a very good job helping you lie. Has he had practice? Can YOU tell when he’s lying?

  6. Oh, well, after that explanation, I feel sooo much better!

  7. Oh yeah the solar eclipse. We had some method involving a piece of paper so we could see it.
    I missed the lunar one just now, it was cloudy when I first went out to see, and then forgot to check back.

  8. Yay! I *like* being right. I could get used to this feeling.

    I remember a solar eclipse when I was in primary school – and there was a roster of parents with umbrellas to escort any child who needed to go to the toilet during it – just in case they felt compelled to peek at the eclipse!

  9. The eclipse was too cloudy for us to see. Typical.

  10. h&b

    Wickerdly, I think I was watching “All Saints” when the eclipse was on, and playing balloon volleyball with my husband and son.

    We all forgot.

    The next day I harumphed to the DH – *his* fault, natch .. šŸ˜‰

    ( I love AllSaints. Whenever I see the man-boy Dr though, I think of the ads where he buys his g/f the extra huge tampons because he thinks he has a huge .. appendage .. and obviously the tampons have to match it )

  11. What?? did I miss that episode of All Saints??
    Holy plaited poos…
    I was actually disappointed in the RED!
    I wont add the rest.

  12. It was fun catching up on your activities during the past week! As I read this post, I was anticipating some sort of word play on “The Cat in the Hat” (considering the references to “I do not eat tomatoes… I will not….). Note to self: stop reading to my children!

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