Four Meme

Vicki recently tagged me to complete the ‘four meme’ which is doing the rounds. I have the feeling that I have done this before (feel free to trawl my archives, aim for May/June I think). I have decided to do it again, but this time I will include some blatant lies, just for my own amusement. I know Vicki won’t mind, because she said that South Park was one of her favourite shows, so she doesn’t mind it when people are wicked! Thanks to my son who helped me to lie so creatively, although I don’t really think that I should be encouraging this behaviour.

4 things you may not know about me:

  1. I had a hysterectomy at the age of 35 due to endometriosis – best thing I ever did!
  2. I have a tendency to rock myself when I lay down to sleep. I don’t even realise I’m doing it, but my Pete has put up with it every night for more than twenty years.
  3. I sold my wedding ring on ebay and used the money to buy a plane ticket to Alaska. I have always wanted to see the snow and see a polar bear in the wild. Amazing!
  4. I hate that people cannot use apostrophes appropriately. It is not a difficult rule. Once I drew a cartoon superhero on my daughter’s assignment when I was proof-reading it. I called him ‘apostrophe man’ and gave him a speech bubble about righting the apostrophe wrongs where ever they are found. I didn’t realise that she had to hand her draft copy in to her teacher. Again, I apologise.

4 Jobs I have had:

  1. In my uni days I was an ‘inserter’ at the local paper. I went to work at 12 midnight and placed those glossy catalogues one by one into each newspaper. I finished work between 2-4am. This suited me, I was doing a Bachelor of Arts and none of my lectures/tutorials were before midday. Smart lecturers, they knew when to schedule to get the biggest crowd.
  2. I worked selling raffle tickets for cars in the middle of shopping centres. I have a thing for piped music and thought it was the best way to maximise my enjoyment.
  3. I have a post graduate teaching qualification which makes me a primary school teacher.
  4. I am a machine quilter.

4 Movies I could watch over and over:

  1. chocolat – beautiful
  2. monty python’s holy grail – hilarious
  3. flying high – classic
  4. anything with Kevin Costner in it – his range is so broad

4 TV Shows I watch:

  1. never miss ‘all saints’ – aussie brilliance
  2. bold and beautiful – will Brooke and Ridge ever be happy?
  3. Saturday morning Rage – for twenty years
  4. Boston Legal – William Shatner is hilarious when he parodies himself

4 Hobbies:

  1. quilting, although this is  profession too, does it still count as a hobby?
  2. building houses from playing cards – requires a steady hand
  3. taking photos – but I’m hit and miss
  4. driving my kids every where they want to go – I didn’t choose this one, it chose me

4 Places I have lived

  1. Transylvannia – with Tim Curry of course
  2. three different houses in Townsville – they count

4 Favorite Foods

  1. sushi
  2. anything made with duck, but not the leg – a bit too fatty for me
  3. tomato, beetroot and sauce sandwiches
  4. turkey and cranberry sandwich

4 Places I would rather be

  1. in my own mega-studio with all the things I imagine
  2. fishing – just love the smell of fish and that rhythmic ocean
  3. at a Ben Kweller concert
  4. struggling to think of one more- I am supposed to be grocery shopping now, so I guess I’ve already decided that here is a better place to be

4 Websites I visit daily:

  1. bloglines to see all of you
  2.  – I’m a little obsessed with knowing the temperature and rainfall totals
  3. high school musical 2 on youtube
  4. itunes store

4 people I tag to play this:

  1. I tag everyone who reads this – HA, but you have to fill it with lies that I will try to find.

 So, do you see any of my lies? Try to find them. I’m not a very good liar, but you might not be a very good lie detector!

In the style of Aunty Evil I shall leave you with a mystery photo. What could this be?




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25 responses to “Four Meme

  1. Oh, I’m pretty sure I’ve spotted your lies. But that mystery object? Sheesh. There seems to be some gravel stuck in it, but I don’t have a clue.

    Wow to your creative family, and I loved your descriptions of the little people in your life.

  2. Hmmm, it looks like old rotting bone, but do bones have that pattern inside them?

  3. Please tell me that food 3 is a lie – sounds horrid! LOL!

  4. Most definitely one of my lies. It would be my worst fear as a sandwich. My daughter would probably eat it minus the tomato.

  5. Pretty sure my sister Peta would knock back a beetroot, tomato and sauce sandwich if there was nothing else on offer.

  6. I’m not good at lie detecting, that work is better left to machines. I’m certain the ebay tale is a lie. You don’t like cold, do you! I’m guessing that is the underside of some type of mushroom or toadstool (are those spores I see?) Are you sure Liar, Liar isn’t one of your favorite movies?

  7. ah Jim Carrey, another fine thespian.

    ebay lie was my son’s creation. I think I’m proud of him

  8. At last, I can access your blog! I couldn’t get here for the last few days, I think I was blackbanned after that “smart arses” comment on your last post. 🙂

    I believe everything you tell me, so I cannot pick the lies, and I don’t believe there are any there.

    As for the pic, very interesting. My first instinct was the underside of a mushroom.

  9. Great stuff! I very much enjoyed reading this. And the photo – I haven’t a blessed idea.

  10. Your photo’s look pretty good’s to me! Except OBVIOUSLY for that one on this post’s, I can’t work out what it i’s at all. Kevin Costner’s s’calp under the hair transplants’? He is such a roolly roolly good actor.

  11. Is your mystery pic coral?

    I don’t watch three out of your four TV shows (rage is the only one) so I’m finding it hard to pick the lie…but I’m leaning towards All Saints??

  12. Oh, and just for your interests’ sake, not that I suspect there will be much (interest, that is), I also softly rock myself to sleep when I have trouble getting to sleep. It really helps.

    Don’t know if MDH has ever noticed, he’s never mentioned it.

  13. I am sending apostrophe man to stomper right now. He wears his undies on the outside and has a cape. He is super.

    Fairlie, you are super – I most certainly do not watch all saints – even the ads have ridiculous story lines

  14. Just was so eager to jump in and say, “that’s coral.” (Am I right?)

    Now back to reading the meme…

  15. I was getting a bit worried there! I see many of your lies have been spotted but I have to ask (along with Stomper) Kevin Costner? Oh, don’t worry, I know this is a lie – “acting range very broad” No need to respond thanks Tracey!

  16. Does your Pete know that you tell lies????

    With Aunty Evil on the photo … a musheroomy?

  17. My Pete counts on my lies – I’m the only one who says he has a full head of mighty fine hair. He likes it!

  18. Back again. At the risk of looking like a stalker!

    Just asked MDH to look at your photo, seeing how he’s the macro king. (well, sorta)

    His guesses are either a wasp’s nest, or seaweed.

  19. My guess would be bone. Old dead bone, of course.
    Your lies are excellent, but I think the most blatant one was Kevin Costner!

  20. Your most blatant lie has to be about selling your wedding ring. Come on! We weren’t born yesterday…..We’ve all read about your on-going romance with your Pete. If you really sold your wedding ring I’m going to have to eat my shirt. And shirts are WAY down on my list of favourite foods.

  21. BTW, is your photo a cross section of a walnut shell?

  22. I enjoyed your Meme answers. All I can say is what lies, I am sure you did it all. The photo looks like bones.

    Thank-you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

  23. soozadoo

    The lies are fabulous, truly outrageous, did you sweat as you did them? You are not a rule breaker.

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  25. redslippers

    i almost had a mini cardiac event after reading three. gullability, not one of my strong points
    especially given that you showed me your ring the other day.

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