We live in a very creative household. Someone is always drawing, cutting, sewing, making or doing. Each of us works very differently. (Thankfully my husband is creative and neat, or this house would be a disaster!)

My son has really started to develop his own style. He carries a sketch book and a 2B pencil with him most places we go, His drawings are realistic representations and instantly recognisable. He is very good at faces, but is kind enough to only draw my profile with one chin. He wants to continue to study art at high school next year. His teacher has invited him to stay after school one day a week for extra study and he is very keen to do so.

He spent some of his birthday money to buy plasticene. He want to use it to make animations. He has made a couple of animations using magnetix. He took several hundred photos with my camera making a small move each time, then downloaded them into a movie.

He is trying out this character with his plasticene:



and playing around with the macro settings on the camera. Next he needs to write a script and build a set.

My daughter has made a quilt – no pattern, she just worked it out. Don’t think for one moment that I helped her. She hates to take instruction from me. I just back off, it avoids conflict. She’ll work it out by trial and error and will learn more that wayΒ than I could teach her.


I am pretty happy with this client quilt that I have just finished. I used a lightly variegated thread across hand-dyed fabrics and the effect is quite lovely.


RIGHT, onto the next project!


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16 responses to “Creativity

  1. Yawn. You people make me tired. Doesn’t it make you proud that these kids of yours have talent and know how to use it? They rock!

  2. They’ve both got a really good eye, haven’t they? Love the shape of Mister Plasticine and the composition of Ashleigh’s quilt is great.

    I hope you’re busy taking as much credit as possible for that!

  3. Peta

    They are so close to keeping us in the manner to which we should all like to be accustomed

  4. What a talented family you have. You are so wise to allow your daughter to work it out for herself, unless she asks for your help. I’ve heard of so many women who gave up learning to sew because their mothers always wanted to ‘show them how to do it’. Fortunately, my mother didn’t sew and consequently she thought that everything I made for my three younger sisters, for her and myself was wonderful, and that was all the encouragement I needed to continue. I started sewing at 11 and I’m still at it more than 50 years later.

  5. Wow, you are a talented bunch!!! People like you inspire me…

  6. So much better than vegging in front of the telly or rotting their brains with video games! Your quilt is lovely. How about a full view?

  7. Your family take after you, so talented. And not afraid to use the talent, which is great.
    Lovely client quilt! Lovely quilting.

  8. Bunch of smart arses.

    That’s all.


  9. My Motto is “i can’t be creative and neat at the same time”.

    I love what your kids have created!! That quilt is fabulous!

  10. There ought to be a law against amassing that much creative talent in one household.

    One of the highlights of primary school for me (way back in the 1970s), was making an animated film with a plasticine character. It was all of about 40 seconds long and had a very complex script involving a worm crawling around a flowerbed and back(!) but we thought we were movie moguls in the making. Keep us posted on your animated progress!

    Love both the quilts – and well done, leaving Ashleigh to do it herself!

  11. h&b

    i’ve been very creative this week too .. but not sure i’m ready to blog it yet πŸ™‚

    Next year, perhaps the Son could try this:

  12. h&b

    P.S. – who doesn’t like Morph and/or Claymation πŸ™‚

  13. I’m certainly not fast and it was left to a battle of wits, so now how can I possibly fight for Cap’n Jack in the midst of all this creative genius? Truly, your children have a keen eye, as do you.

  14. (your wordpress doesn’t seem to like me)

  15. (or else my computer is acting up… I see that both comments did actually post, even though wp said there was a slight problem) –okay, that’s the end of the comments! Still. So creative. Am slightly jealous. Is that machine quilting? You couldn’t possibly do that by hand in ten hours, could you?

    In much humility,

  16. Sue

    Wow your daughter did that by herself I am impressed. Oh and Plasticine mane is pretty groovy can’t wait to see him walking πŸ™‚

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