This quilt


is on its way to Sheye. It is a small token for her as she pauses to remember the day that should have been Ava’s fourth birthday.

I have been just an observer of this tragedy, but it has touched me as it touches everyone who hears of it. I cannot even allow myself to imagine myself in Sheye’s shoes. She has written with such openness, honesty and rawness of the experience of losing her daughter at such a young age. Her words are, at once, filled with pain and filled with beauty.

I am not so naive as to think this quilt can offer her comfort or hope, but I hope that it offers tangible evidence that many others are feeling the loss of Ava and that silent support is what we offer.



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7 responses to “Remembrance

  1. Beautiful quilt and so thoughtful of you.

    The story of Ava is heart-breaking.

  2. Very beautiful. And I think the words you wrote describe so perfectly how many, many people feel. My mother lost an adult son, my brother two years ago, and reading Sheye’s words gives me some insight into how she must feel…. even though the situations are different. I think your quilt will bring comfort… for my mother, along with her grief, she carries a fear that people will forget John and that his life will thus mean less. Sorry to ramble. Your words touched me.

  3. Lovely quilt.

    Words are just so inadequate.

  4. A beautiful quilt and an even more beautiful thought. The story of Ava is heartbreaking it must have taken a great deal of courage for Sheye to write her story.

    I hope that Sheye will realise that people whom she has never met are thinking of her and her family.

  5. A lovely thing to do. I’ve read Sheye’s story of Ava and it’s heartbreaking. Ditto what Alice said.

  6. Words really are indequate. I feel your quilt could say more.

  7. Such a nice gesture. Some people are so thoughtful and you are one of them. Amazing people live here in Blogland!!

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