Post 128, in which I Rock and Schmooze

Well, clearly the award season is upon us again. I have frocked up in my very best designer labels to make my thank you speeches.

 The ever charming Fairlie has nominated me as a Rockin Girl Blogger. I can indeed confirm that I am a girl and list one reason why I rock.

Last night we attended a tupperware party. My neighbour invited all the people in the street as a ‘get to know you’. I generally do not much care for tupperware. It makes me feel inadequate when the presenter suggests that I cook several meals at a time, then freeze and re-heat. Or that I put biscuits into containers when I open that packet, rather than just consuming them before they even have the chance to become stale. I took my daughter to the party too. She likes to cook and I wanted to buy a non-electric food processor, so she came to have a look. The presenter asked her age.

“Almost seventeen, ” she responded.

“A good age to start your glory box, love. You’ll find yourself with an organised pantry once you’re married if you start to buy some pieces now.”

To her credit, my daughter just smiled and nodded. Then as we walked home she looked at me and asked, “What the hell is a glory box?”

SEE, I do rock. I have raised a child for almost seventeen years without allowing her to be exposed to the patriachal notion of the girl needing to provide a dowry/glory box to furnish the home. She has ambitions, she has stuff she wants to do. She is seventeen and ready to take on the world. She is going to France and to university. Why should she be worried about an organised pantry!!

The generous Maureen has nominated me for a Schmooze award. There is obviously a cross-cultural miscommunication here, because I thought schmoozing was bad. I thought it meant ingratiating yourself to others..sucking up in order to manipulate. Apparently it is a good thing in the blogging world though. Basically I am spreading the love, not just being nice so that I’ll be popular. WHEW!

Thus I am a schmoozing rock chick! I’m the girl who tells you how pretty you are, just so that I can score the invitation to your party. Then I’ll drink your beer and leave with your boyfriend when the beer runs out! Because that is what a schmoozing rocker would do. I am the Courtney Love of the blog world.

I am supposed to nominate others, but I’m very worried that perhaps you’re all schmoozing rockers. Tell me again how pretty I am…but hands off my beer!


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18 responses to “Post 128, in which I Rock and Schmooze

  1. soozadoo

    People put biscuits, in containers?
    What kind of crazy world is this?
    ps tell Ashleigh I am happy to donate several mismatched Tupperware lids to her glory box.

  2. Your Pete should certainly be proud of that painting job! Don’t you just love the searches people do; what is “painty pants” anyway? Very funny.

    I would have been a bit dumbfounded by the schmooze title too – but based on the revised description I think it’s spot on – as the saying goes “you speak the truth, pleasantly – never pleasantly speak untruth” or something like that! Well done.

  3. I wouldn’t suggest Ashleigh go typing glory box into google to find out
    what one is.

    An organised pantry once you are married? I think I would have had to leave.

  4. Schmooze … now there’s a good name for a beer.

    And you could have a rockin, cool, schmooze served in sturdy, tupperware tankards …

    All the while, wearing a pretty frock …

    Or painty pants …

    Or even, andy pandy pants …..

  5. Why would anyone need to put biscuits in a container…. are there people who don’t eat them all right away? What is this notion of a glory box. Craziness. Ashleigh’s future spouse will be getting a prize in Ashleigh herself…. HE will need to provide all of the humdrum necessities AND organize the pantry. You’re pretty… but I want the beer.

  6. twolimeleaves

    *spoken in whiny teenaged girl voice*
    Tracey, you’re sooo pretty! Your perm is sooo good it almost looks natural.

    heh heh

  7. Tsk. See, this is what is wrong with the world today. Not enough Glory Boxes. Ashleigh should be shopping for tea towels, not flitting off to France. She would be better served learning how to cook so her future husband, whoever he may be, can come home to nutricious meals and a tidy house.

    She should be learning how to knit, so she can make her own clothes (I recommend Crafty’s site for the patterns), to save the pressure on her hard working future husband’s pocket.

    By now…she is 17, right? By now, she should know, without a cook book, how to make biscuits and scones and casseroles, how to remove ink stains from underpants (don’t ask) and how to change a baby’s nappy in 35 seconds.

    If you were a good mother, you would make sure she could…

  8. Holy Moly Aunty has just made me feel so inadequate! & I’m 64! I never knew I had to know all those things to be ‘worthy’. haha.
    Congrats for the awards by the way!

  9. h&b

    Don’t men normally run from glory-box-hoarding freaks ?
    Don’t they usually end up as ‘old spinsters’, sadly caressing the Tupperware and dinner sets they thoughtfully stored away ?

    That all said, I had 2x g/f’s with glory boxes growing up. I was hideously jealous as I figured I was yet again missing out on some rite of passage my parents never told me about/allowed me to indulge in.

    But of course, I then went on to move house and state another 13times, so what the hell was I going to do with all these treasured keepsakes ? Lug them about the country ?!

    And i’m pretty sure the crockery set I would have selected at 15yrs old is hardly the look I would have been going for 10yrs later..

    And finally ?
    tupperware sucks ( but I do love a product-party 😉

  10. All Ashleigh needs to know as she sets forth into the world, is to avoid any plastic containers whose major point of differentiation from their competition is that they burp.

  11. Of course you’re a rockin’ blogger – now you have the tag to prove it.

    I started a glory box once. I gave up on it after I had a set of mugs and two towels. Which I never used.

  12. bec

    Some of my high school friends had glory boxes. I finally summoned up the nerve to ask one of them what one was…

    I reckon that makes my poor old mum a rocker of some kind, too.

  13. I share your leeriness about this proliferation of awards… one or two is nice but come on. It’s getting out of hand. you don’t need an award for me to know you rock…..

  14. Who puts anything in containers? Not I. Maybe I do need tupperware. I need some pantry organisation. As for a glory box? Heehee…

  15. Good Lord. I have never, ever heard of a glory box. My mind is simply reeling with all of the off-colour faux definitions I could spin, and thusly be kicked off this blog, and never invited for a visit again. Glory box?

    I refuse to attend product parties and as a consequence, am never invited to attend, mostly as a result of one horrific incident about five years ago at a “Pampered Chef” party, where I was subsequently kicked out and never invited back. Hmmmm…. I am sensing a pattern here.

  16. I think I asked my Mum the same question at around Ashleigh’s age; my best friend’s mother was a traditionalist and a tupperware freak. She and my friend were chronic party-plan sellers, Avon, Amway and that’s just the start of the alphabet. The last Tapperware party I was shoe-horned into had a very scary presenter called Trish who kept referring to herself in the third person. “Trish loves her tupperware”. “Trish’s cupboards are full of thes containers” It was all very Kath & Kim.

    You most definitely rock, your kids are walking proof. I would NEVER steal your beer, but I do think you could have OFFERED me one by now…

  17. Glory box must indeed be an Aussie cultural reference. I have never heard of it! I suppose it is similar to the “hope chest” that my grandmother spoke of when I was a kid.

    I found it humourous the cultural connotation to “schmoozing”. I didn’t mean it to be insulting at all! When I think “schmooze”, there is a sort of diplomatic method involved, an ability to influence subtlely, a person with excellent interpersonal skills.

    So there you have it altho I’m sure you didn’t lose sleep over it! Everyone else had so much more fun with the glory box reference! LOL!

  18. I had a glory box. I raided it four years ago – just before I told my parents I was having a baby, on my own, and out of wedlock.

    Lucky I did – otherwise who knows what would have happened to the beautiful matching Sheridan towel sets!! My dad may well have thrown them out in a fit of anger !

    You rock.

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