Career Change?

Yesterday, according to my blog stats, someone found my blog by doing an internet search for house painter townsville.

Sorry to disappoint. Although my Pete has finally finished painting our house (except for the verandah floor), he really doesn’t want to paint your house. He even cleaned the high window, the first clean in ten years! Usually I just letย the rain wash it.


Somebody else found my blog by searching for painty pants. Once the verandah is painted they will be thrown away, so don’t look for them any more! Very bizarre!


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18 responses to “Career Change?

  1. I have a surprising amount come to me in search of elocution lessons. I suppose I’ll get all the vasectomy ones now.

  2. You should ask Tanya how people find her blog (not everyone. of course!).

    When I started blogging 2 and half years ago I had difficulty finding any garden blogs, and the first one I actually found in the whole world was in Gippsland, Victoria, and not that far from where I used to live.

    Your house looks lovely – both design and colours look terrific.

  3. The house looks great! The searches are very funny. I admit that I like to see what people ahve searched to get to my blog too but none have been that interesting!

  4. What an imprint Pete has made upon your blog! You can only imagine what traffic you get from “peekaboo” blankies! LOL! Maybe you should check out how much $$ you could make from advertising as a result of painty pants, peekaboo? Hilarious!

  5. Painty pants? Seriously? I can’t imagine any scenario in which someone would be googling “painty pants”!

    “Hey man, I’ve got nothing to wear Saturday night.”
    “No worries, bro…get on the net and see if you can get yourself some painty pants.”

  6. I should trademark the name right now!

  7. h&b

    Lol – what Fairlie said !! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ve got my blog set to ‘private’, so no funny googles for me.
    i also never check my stats. Lazy, huh ? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. h&b

    hmm – did my first comment get eaten ( test )

  9. Ha! I love what Fairlie said!

    You better get used to such traffic you know, your boobs are going to bring even more. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I did a post a while back about what people used to find me ( Maybe there is a reason why I’m an R-rated blogger…

    The house looks fabulous!!

  11. soozadoo

    Peter Painty Pants, he should open a shop he should

  12. soozadoo

    Ok so I just went and checked my stats after your post and foud this

    Search Views
    racist 2
    didn’t wear a bra while on her honeymoon 1

    Search Views
    honeymoon bride and groom fucking 2

    I’m a little disturbed….

  13. You inspired me to work out how to find these on my own sitemeter. Here’s an eg – dont touch my testicles tom hanks.


    I think I like painty pants better!

  14. is tom hanks a known testicle toucher??????!

  15. Very disturbing Sussanah. I was thinking what Aunty Evil wrote. Now that you have mentioned boobs on your blog… your popularity is going to go through the roof! Won’t they be disappointed by quilts and painting!

  16. lol! I can see I’m going to have to be more creative so I can get some interesting searches. I did have quite a lot of searches on turkeyslaps when I mentioned the big brother incident. That went on for about a year.

    The most interesting I’ve had lately are several searches on Sandra Sully’s hair. Exactly who would be searching that subject? Sandra herself, do you think? Can I say that Sandra’s read my blog???


  17. I am going to have to work out how to find out these things?? Any tips? I have had a good laugh out of reading all the comments.
    And admire your Pete’s lovely painting. And looked at your lovely shady verandah with envy in my heart!

  18. Pop by my blog; you’ve received an Award!

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