Online (almost)

Today Flo and I worked towards starting a website for our baby quilts.


We are calling ourselves Peekaboo Blankies, but when we went to register a domain name look what happened:

Do you see it? Right in the middle of the name? peekabooblankies. It is just not right! It was pointed out to me that this may increase the traffic to our site, but it is probably not the traffic we are seeking. Flo suggests that we may act as a conscience to those who stumble upon us accidentally. Perhaps with a flashing button which reads ‘What would your mother think?’ My brother in law says that given what is available on the internet we would fall at the lower end of the perversion scale. But we just couldn’t do it.

We did find a solution – watch this space. Hopefully we will launch this week. Clean and with a G rating.


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14 responses to “Online (almost)

  1. Well, apparently craftymum can mean something other than what I thought it meant too. That’s why it’s not my URL address.
    Don’t you hate that?
    Good luck with getting your site up and runniing.

  2. Damn those internets and their filthy search engines. Lucky you noticed first though. Would have completely passed me by.

  3. I can’t imagine what craftymum means and I shall happily live with my naivety. Probably something to do with those crocheted mens’ vests.

    We were but one click away when we noticed the boob in the middle of our address. PHEW! I asked my son if he noticed anything. The 13 year old snicker behind the hand was enough to nix the name.

  4. Can you put a . or a – between PEEKABOO and BLANKIES? I know it’s not quite the same, but it may work, short of thinking of another name altogether. What about SNUGGLUPblankies, CUDDLYblankies, PEEPOblankies, blankiesOFLOVE, or…. or…..

  5. LOL!! How about something like “peekablankie” – taking out the boob!

  6. I think this is quite humourous! I wonder whether you might even have a little extra traffic with “peek”! I do like the idea of the flashing “what would your mother think?!” That’s a keeper! LOL!

  7. Ha! I would never have found that. Good thing you got a male brain to look before you clicked. Could have had some nasty pervs on your site otherwise. Love the watermelon blankie. I’m actually craving watermelon now.

  8. I didn’t even see it after you highlighted it!

    The problem with the internet is that there is no safe place any more. It doesn’t matter what you have on your site, it will attract some weirdo.

    Unless you call them “Reverend Fred Nile Blankies”? 🙂

  9. h&b

    awww – I think you over-reacted 😉

    Slipping a boob is so haute couture these days anyway ….

  10. It did make for some interesting ideas for promotion and advertising!

  11. soozadoo

    boobies along with farts and bums are funny for the chromosonally challenged from the cradle to the grave

  12. I can’t wait to see the site! Good luck 🙂

  13. Had to laugh at Soozadoo! She is right!
    I probably wouldnt have noticed either, because the blankies are just so lovely, they take all my attention!

  14. Phew…marketing boo-boo avoided! (Or should that have been marketing boob-oo?)

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