Tiny Tapper

This week end I went to the theatre for my daughter’s annual school variety show. It is an amazing production. Students audition with songs, skits and dances that they would like to be in the production. Those that are accepted then rehearse and prepare themselves, only coming together to polish the final extravaganza for three days prior to the first performance. Most of the skits are written by the students and many of the songs performed are original compositions. The breadth of talent is astounding when you consider that these are thirteen to seventeen year old kids!

My daughter has been involved in many productions at the theatre since she was just five. I think that she is about eight in this photo. She was lead tapper on the Good Ship Lollipop.


 When I watched her on stage this week end I was in awe of her. In the first number she danced to this song. I saw the thousands of dollars and thousands of hours worth of danicng lessons really pay off. She looked loose and natural, she looked like she was having a ball!

Later she was involved in a skit which she wrote with her friends about surviving year twelve. She had the main speaking part; she held her head high, she met the eye of the audience, she articulated clearly and  looked stunning. It almost made me cry.

In the car on the way home her friend said to her, “That’s the last time we’ll ever get to do anything like that.” This phrase has been going through my mind quite a lot lately as we draw ever closer to that time when she flies off to France.

The true hero of the entire performance was the guy in year 12 who played the lead guitar solo in this song. Every one loved him! I bet he was king of the school today!


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11 responses to “Tiny Tapper

  1. I can’t even begin to imagine how it must feel to see your kids growing up and knowing that the very huge role you play in their lives diminish as they become adults and start living independently.

    But what I do know is that I feel a lump in my throat every time you mention it Tracey, because your feelings come through in your posts so strongly I feel like I am sitting opposite you while you talk about it.

    She looks lovely in this photo, like all the others we have seen of her. She is a beautiful girl, and from what you have told us, she is a wonderful person, and I wish her every happiness and success as she goes forward from here.

  2. Don’t the years go by? I bet for you, it feels like it was only a few minutes ago that the tiny tapper was the lead tapper in The Good Ship Lollipop. But a more world-ready teenager I’ve never read about! You’ve done a beautiful job raising such a mature young lady. You must be very very proud.

  3. I loved tap as a kid & am thinking of resuming tap/jazz classes in Sept!

    I know that the feelings you are expressing will mirror those that I will feel in about 16 years when both K and N have grown. It’ll be with mixed feelings that the time will have passed. Still, she’s made you proud! You’ve done a great job!

  4. Go the grown-up tiny tapper. Love that photo (of course!). Also love that song.

  5. I truly love coming here and reading your heartfelt words about your children. I am reminded every time that you’ve just simply got to love them and be positive with your praise and they will rise up to meet you. Wonderful.

  6. Ditto to all of the above….

  7. Ann

    Save the program handouts and treasure the memories. I always loved seeing my children and my grandchildren perform! From concerts, plays, choir performances, baseball, basketball, soccer, or football… If mine were in it.. I wanted to be there. Didn’t always make them all.. but I wanted to be there!!

  8. My girls both do dance classes (one started at 3 and the other at 2 and a bit) and while I know a lot of the other parents whinge and complain about the concerts…I think there is nothing like the sense of accomplishment those kids get from performing. They overcome nerves, they gain confidence, they do their best, they *have fun*. And your observations of your daughter’s performance just confirm that!

    And the “That’s the last time we’ll ever get to do anything like that.” comment brought on a big case of throatus lumpus…It’s still a few years away for me, but I can imagine exactly how you must feel.

  9. Sniff sniiff, amidst the smiles at your justifiable pride Tracey. Your daughter is very beautiful, inside & out!
    Congratulations to you & your Pete!

  10. awww…

    cute pic there.

  11. Di

    I’m also feeling a bit nervous as my girl completes year 12 and is about to try and find her feet in the big world, not really sure of where she’s going or what direction to take. Your daughter seems to have her head screwed on and I’m sure will continue to grow and blossum into adulthood.

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