National C

Tonight my daughter was graded on her umpiring skills at netball.


Dressed in white, she ran up and down the court for four twelve minute quarters. She only plays juniors, but was umpiring for seniors with a team of three ladies watching and assessing her. Afterwards one lady told her that they had a sheet of comments for her to review. She felt sure that meant that she had not passed. After several tense minutes they called her aside to tell her that she would be awarded the national c badge.

She might not look very big out there, but don’t mess with her…she’s got a whistle.


PS I took my life into my own hands tonight. More than once she hissed at me to stop taking photos. I just looked innocently and said ‘But I love you…’


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14 responses to “National C

  1. Oh wow! That is fabulous news. I don’t blame her hissing at you – I would’ve been the same if that was my mum taking photos of me but if the shoe was on the other foot I would have been saying the same as you! Heehee… (At least you weren’t using a flash!)

  2. Well how the hell are we supposed to find out what is happening if you aren’t allowed to take photos?

    Honestly, kids just don’t get it, do they?

    Congrats on her achievement, I remember the first time I was told that I had to umpire a 7 year olds’ netball game. I was about 15. I was so nervous, and I got abused by some mothers. I don’t think I ever did it again.

    Good for her, it’s a thankless job!!

  3. Congratulations to her!

  4. She looks so serious out there! What a professional. Later, she will be grateful you documented her c badge moments!

  5. Well done, Traceys daughter!

    And of course you HAD to take photos … I bet she’s glad already that you did!

  6. Sje is so beautiful & talented!
    Congratulations to her!.
    And, your heart must swell with pride every time you look at her.

  7. Yes, congratulations.

  8. soozadoo

    ashy was born to be a rule enforcer!

  9. Peta

    If I was Pippy I’d be hiding the whistle – it will be used on him.

  10. That must have been quite an ordeal for her, umpiring seniors. Especially with her crazy mother snapping away in the background!! Good on her, and congratulations.

    My most favourite ever netball umpire is Kel from Kath & Kim. I was howling with laughter watching him do it. Especially when Brettie was being the star player.

  11. Congratulations to your daughter. I hope she will enjoy her umpiring duties. I used to tell my children when they had to umpire hockey matches, “Remember that you are the only one that can see the game from where you’re standing, so blow the whistle firmly and they will at least think that you know what you’re doing.” Not sure if it worked… lol.

  12. I’m so glad you took your life into your hands and took the photos – that first one is especially good – a study of netball concentration! (And she may well thank you one day for capturing that special moment!).

    That’s so cool that she wanted to get umpiring accreditation – it’s great to see people putting back into sports they enjoy.

  13. Congrats to her!

    Must remember that response for later…

  14. Hi!

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