To Market, to Market

Tomorrow is the Christmas in July craft market. Flo and I have taken a stall to sell our Peek-a-Boo baby quilts. I have worked incredibly hard over the past two weeks to get them all quilted.

Today we headed off to the Palmetum to take some photos of our finished quilts. When I see these photos it makes all the hard work worthwhile!



It is very satisfying to see a pile of completed quilts. I hope that we sell at least some. I flip flop between the thought that we will sell out before the market is over…and that we will sell none….. Either way, I’ll know by tomorrow afternoon.


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14 responses to “To Market, to Market

  1. Oh wow. They look gorgeous Tracey. (If only we kept our promise to ourselves to go to Townsie for the weekend – but obviously we didn’t! I would have gone and bought one of these off you!)

  2. They are fabulous (and great photos too). I’m sure you’ll sell out, rather than sell none.

  3. Oh Good Luck with your Market. Those quilts looks so lovely & appealing. I hope you have a sell out day!

  4. Yes, good luck, Tracey and Flo. They are gorgeous and I’m so happy I won one!! I hope you sell out.

  5. Good luck. I’m sure you won’t need it though.

  6. What lovely work! The flowers in the freehand quilting are beautiful!

  7. Sigh… gorgeous as always… It almost makes me want another baby so I would have an excuse to buy one. ALMOST.

  8. Gorgeous colours! Hope you sell out in the first hour! Loved your quilt in the magazine….very impressed! Am now on the lookout for that mag. Some of the quilt stores here carry the Australian mags. I’m getting a little tired of some of the American mags that just seem to rehash the same old stuff, ad nauseum…..

  9. Good Luck! They look fabulous.

  10. they look sensational, all piled up together like that. Make sure you report back and tell us how you went!!

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  12. Love those quilts! I’ll definitely be buying one or two as soon as I find the occasion to. Am so glad to have met you today – it really made my day!!

  13. It’s so cool to see them all stacked this way. I expect a very quick sell out!

  14. Those quilts are stunningly beautiful – no wonder Tanya was impressed. Nearly as impressed as she was about meeting two fellow bloggers … lol.

    Having seen your recent photo, I definitely won’t be looking for anyone chubby and wrinkly when you get lost. That’s a description of me …

    ‘Alice’ (Tanya’s Mum)

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