Scribbly Butterflies

These scribbly butterflies are on one of our quilts. Flo drew them and cut them out of our hand-dyed fabric. I stitched them freehand with my quilting machine.



I love them!


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10 responses to “Scribbly Butterflies

  1. I love them too! Gorgeous!

  2. h&b

    That twirly-whirly stictching that ends in a little flower was EXACTLY the stitching on my childhood quilt of the same shade of violet !!

    Looks great ( and thanks for the memory 🙂

  3. Very nice. I love the mauvey-bluey-purpley colour of the background fabric, too.

  4. Oh they are lovely. I won’t show Monet. She would want it! (She loves Butterflies!)

  5. soozadoo

    Flo is so clever to just freehand draw like that.

  6. soozadoo

    oh, and you are pretty shit hot too sister!

  7. Ah HA!! This is my quilt in progress, I just know it, oooooh, I am soooo excited!!

  8. Loverly! I’m jealous…. again.

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