One More July Birthday

Today is my Pete’s birthday.


I have never been a risk taker. This is due to a mixture of childhood influences and over-riding personality. Yet I married this guy at the age of 20 while we were both at university.

To me he represents no risk at all. I knew that when we were 18. He provides challenge, but never risk. He is always my champion. He is the best father to our children. He will do anything for them. He balances me, which is not always easy! He cleans up after I have made yet another mess – again, not always easy.

Tonight we will celebrate with dinner and a cultural evening. The Bell Shakespeare Company is performing Macbeth at the theatre. You won’t find us there…we’ll be at the opening night of the Simpsons Movie! MMMMMM popcorn.

A song for my Pete. Happy birthday beautiful man.

PS just in case you think that is ‘our song’, it isn’t. My Pete says that our song is Tojo by the Hoodoo Gurus. Play it and listen to the first verse. Wicked, wicked man!


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16 responses to “One More July Birthday

  1. happy birthday to your Pete!!! Hope you enjoyed the movie!!

  2. Happy birthday, Pete! It is lovely to see such love and ongoing devotion and admiration for him in your post!

  3. Happy birthday, Pete!

    And congratulations on following your brain and your heart and building a good life.

  4. Oooo….Happy Birthday Pete. Hope you had a great day.

  5. soozadoo

    Tracey, Tracey was angry a bad mood, huh huh, a bad mood…..

    For those of you unaware that was about a cyclone that wiped out the northern Australian town of Darwin.

    Pete is a very funny man, inventor of botch, blunch and linner. And the cocktail known as purple. He is the keeper of the bench.
    All in all a great bloke.

    Happy Birthday Pete.

  6. soozadoo

    ps I’m with Pete I think I’d rather drink paint than see the Bell Shakespeare Company

  7. Happy birthday to Pete.

    Hope the movie was great. I was in Brisbane on the opening night down there – I walked past the line that was about 500m long and decided to just keep walking…

  8. Happy birthday! Is that photo taken at that angle because of his pants? You know – he either still has the painting pants on because he can’t get em off now, or he got em off, and now wants to “breathe” for a while?

    Love that song! I have one of much similar popularity on my site at the moment. 🙂

  9. A cyclone named Tracey? Which came first… the cyclone or our Tracey?

    Happy Birthday to Pete! He sounds like a winner. Don’t let Homer Simpson inspire him as he did my Rob… We don’t want him to learn the lyrics to the Underwear Song!

  10. Well, I came first. There are very few people in Australia called Tracey who were born after 1974. It is a name that belongs to the mid-late 60’s and early 70’s. Once the cyclone (our most destructive ever) almost wiped Darwin off the map, no one really wanted to use the name Tracey any more!

    You know he knows the lyrics to the underwear song…and mr plow…and the garbage man song…and now spiderpig can be added to the list

  11. twolimeleaves

    I can see Pete in a Mr Plow jacket,in the bedroom, doing a strip-tease for you …OW OW MY BRAIN!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!

    Happy Birthday a couple of days late, Peter! Tracey was very wise to recognise the lack of risk when she found you.
    You are a perfect match 😀

  12. h&b

    Grr – I left my comment in the wrong place – I can’t get used to the ‘comment at the top of the post’ format ( sorry ! )

    I wrote:
    What a gorgeous-looking husband – grr tiger !

    I love both “Golden Brown” and “Tojo”.
    Hope you enjoyed you ‘kultural’ evening


    And P.S. – a boyfriend once dedicated “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” to me. Harumph !

    Although he probably wasn’t far off the mark … 😉

  13. I really really do wish your Pete a happy birthday and he sounds like a keeper..

    but umm…

    Isn’t that song about HER01N?

  14. Happy belated birthday to your Pete!

    Tojo = very wicked. (But such a great song)

    Hope you had a great night.

  15. Happy belated birthday Pete!

  16. Happy birthday Pete! he can’t be bad if he shares a birthday with my middle son and my grandson!

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